USAVSJ-4-1500 – Joystick Articulation – 4mm Videoscope – 1.5m Length

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USAVS J-4-1500 Slim 3.9mm diameter joystick controlled articulating videoscope with responsive cable guided controls. The precision-made bending section of the economy joystick allows for smooth and precision manipulation of the tip of the probe to obtain a full view of the borescope inspection area. The borescope probe is steel braided and flexible. Still photos and videos are captured with just the push of a button. The data is saved on a removable SD card which allows for easy storage and transfer of the borescope inspection data.

The Economy Joystick Videoscope provides:

  • High Image Quality and Clarity (1280 x 720px)
  • Water and Oil resistant probe
  • 3.9mm diameter probe
  • 360 degrees (all way) articulation
  • 1.5 meter (4.9 feet) borescope probe
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Adjustable LED lighting

The monitor is made up of high brightness color LCD display and ultra-small High Resolution CMOS micro camera. Inspection results will be clearly shown on the 4.5-inch LCD. It has crisp imaging, high reliability and stability which proves valuable in many different industries:

  • Aviation Borescope Inspection
  • Casting Borescope Inspection
  • Helicopter Borescope Inspection
  • FOD Borescope Inspection
  • Engine Borescope Inspection

For quick sharing of your documented borescope inspection data the Economy Borescope offers a Wi-Fi enabled app that will allow you to share with colleagues and customers quickly and easily. With the competitive price of this Economy Series borescope, many will call this a ‘cheap borescope’, but with the advanced features and crystal-clear imaging, these systems will rival systems that cost thousands more.


FOV 120°

DOV 10-80mm

Bending section length :50 mm (1.96 inch)

Distal tip length: 15mm (.59 inch)

Battery: Li-ion 3500mAH

AC Adapter Input: 110-240VAC

Insertion Probe:  IP 67

Control Station; IP 52; 4.5”

Time Date Stamp

HMDI out, USB 2.0 port

Automatic white balance

7 Languages

Operating temperature 0°C -60°C

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