What are Borescope Accessories?

Borescope accessories or inspection camera accessories are ancillary fittings or attachments made for either videoscopes or fiberscopes to help with visual inspections. While many borescopes come as a complete kit and contain helpful accessories such as interchangeable tips, neck straps, or heavy-duty cases there may be optional items that are necessary for visual inspections which are not included in the original packaging.

In fact, a borescope support clamp or holding arm accessory is a common inspection camera accessory that is widely utilized but not often included in a borescope kit. The holding arm accessory allows professional inspectors to conduct hands-free inspections and enabling them to increase their efficiency through multitasking. Another popular borescope accessory is a guide tube. A guide tube allows inspectors to navigate tight spaces like during aviation engine inspection.

Sewer Camera Accessories & Push Camera Attachments

Pipe inspection cameras or sewer cameras have a wide range of borescope accessories because of the range of pipe diameters that they are used in.

Roller skids, or sometimes called centering devices, are fairly interchangeable depending on the diameter of the camera head. A roller skid keeps the inspection camera off the bottom of the pipe and ideally centered inside the pipe. Mini roller skids are available for pipes as small as 4 to 6 inches. Or a universal roller skid is available to support pipes ranging between 6 to 16 inches. These sewer camera accessories usually have nylon or hard plastic wheels to assist in maneuvering the camera throughout the pipe.

Another borescope accessory for pipe inspection camera is light rings to produce more light output than the camera head alone can provide.

Fiberscope Accessories

There are several accessories available for fiberscopes including USB cameras, portable LED light sources and high intensity LED light sources. These fiberscope accessories can ensure your equipped to deal with almost any situation.

Why Get Borescope Accessories From USABorescopes?

At USABorescopes, we pride ourselves on ensuring every customer is happy. With a variety of borescope and videoscope accessories as well as rentals, you’re sure to find the inspection tool to help you get the job done right. We also offer a wide selection of high-quality borescopes such as portable videoscopes, rigid borescopes, hazardous borescopes, and many others.

Is there a borescope accessory, fiberscope accessory, or sewer camera accessory that you have questions on or need assistance with? Contact us or call us at (931) 362-3304 to speak to one of our experts who will help you find what you are looking for today.

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