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The USA Borescopes team is happy to provide borescope quotes, insight into available models, and guidance on your next remote visual inspection job. Reach out to our team of experts any time you have a borescope-related conundrum! You won’t find a more helpful resource anywhere. From portable videoscopes to borescope accessories, our shelves are brimming with tools to help make your need inspection job a breeze.

Answers to Your Borescope Questions

Contact USA Borescope with any type of question you might have about our offerings. Whether this is your first experience with borescopes or are a seasoned expert, our staff can provide clarity into the options available for your needs. 

Borescope Rentals

Would you like to test drive our borescopes? We offer borescope rentals and sewer camera rentals, which are a great way to see if the inspection tool would work for you. And should you decide to purchase it while you’re renting the unit, we will then apply the rental fee towards the purchase (shipping excluded).

We can rent our units for calendar days, weeks, months and can have these overnighted for most of the US due to our central location.

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Whether you’re ready to purchase or just have questions about inspection camera quotes, reach out to USA Borescopes today. We can address concerns, answer questions, and provide insight into your options. Other borescope quotes won’t measure up to our offerings! Fill out the contact form below and one of our expert professionals will reach out soon. Or, if you prefer to give us a call, simply dial 1-931-362-3304 or for help in Spanish, call 1-912-480-4960. You can also reach out to our team via email at


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