Opticam Modular Sewer Inspection Camera

Sewer Inspection Camera

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Product Description:

An affordable sewer camera solution for inspecting 2" up to 12" pipes and drains. Designed for plumbers, contractors and municipalities to inspect and repair underground infrastructure. Some of the features includes a built-in 512 Hz sonde cord, onscreen text-writer, onscreen distance counter, microphone, speakers and a 1.3" self-leveling camera head.


  • 10.4" LCD screen provides better picture quality
  • Simple to use Text-writer that provides data collection
  • 1.3" Modular Camera will yield more inspection with one camera
  • Take snapshots and save onto your USB
  • Get more jobs with one camera that inspects 2" to 12" pipes
  • Free Wifi app for wireless video streams to Android and Apple devices
  • Record to USB stick to easily save, record and playback
  • Opticam system can be powered up using 120V AC or 12V DC
  • Water Pressure:  60 Feet Of Water to Bars = 1.7934
  • Light Output: 210 Lumens
  • Max Temperature: 158 Fahrenheit
  • Optional Add-ons: Auxiliary Battery Pack holds up to 6 hours
  • Optional Add-ons: Additional 120GB of Internal Memory
  • Optional Add-ons: 6" & 8" Centering Skids
  • Optional Add-ons: 512Hz Frequency Locator



  • Pictures: JPG - Take high resolution pictures to send to customers
  • Screen: 10.4" - See the damages clearer and faster for better inspection
  • Counter: Digital - Display footage distance on screen and no more guess work
  • Carry Case: ABS - Weather-proof and reliable material needing less repairs
  • System: Portable - Ideal viewing position and easy handling for traveling
  • Text-Writer: Membrane - Simply add detailed information to your inspection
  • Frame: Vertical - Versatile and expandable design for all lateral inspection
  • Stream Wireless: Wifi - Stream wireless video to Android or Apple mobile devices
  • Camera: Modular - More inspection with one camera requiring less investment
  • Resolution: 480 x 720 - Easily spot and view problem areas for faster inspections
  • Record: USB - 8GB of memory will save you time to do other inspections
  • Pipe Size: 2" to 12" - Inspects most common residential and commercial pipes
  • Cable Size: Fiber glass - .47" OD optimized for further pushes with more turns and bends
  • Sonde: 512 Hz - Locatable beacon for precise area determination

This inspection device is not certified or designed for use in explosive or hazardous environments.

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Category Pipe Inspection Systems (Push Camera and Sewer Camera)

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