USA2000J-2.8-1500 – Joystick Articulation – 2.8mm Videoscope – 1.5m Length

PN: USA2000J-2.8-1500

This small diameter borescope is ideal for inspections requiring a small camera with articulation. This micro borescope offers a surprising HD image quality with joystick articulation. The responsive joystick articulation provides 360 degrees of viewing capabilities. Although, at present, this system does not offer an interchangeable side view tip, the articulation allows the inspector to view a full range of the borescope inspection area. The reinforced metal sheathing of the borescope sonde provides confidence in the durability and performance of the borescope camera. Most borescope inspectors are concerned about the durability of the inspection camera as they know that downtime and loss of uptime will adversely affect the production process. The slim borescope design of the micro borescope allows for seamless inspections of the hard-to-reach areas. In addition, this mini borescope’s compact bending section provides an in-depth inspection of the most challenging areas.


  • Excellent Image Quality with Optimized Optic System & HD CMOS Sensor
  • High Resolution Picture/Video LCM Output System
  • Smooth Joystick Control and Lock System
  • Tungsten Tube
  • Temperature Warning
  • 7″ LCD Monitor
  • Rigid Sleeve


Display: 7″ LCD, Resolution 1024×600

Power Supply:

  • AC Adapter: 100V~240V, 12V 2.5A, 50-60Hz
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li Battery 3.6V 900mAH; approximate operation time: 5 hours; charging time: 4 hours

Video Output:

  • HDMI: TYPE D; HDMI 1.4 transmitter with 3D format and CEC support
  • USB: USB TYPE C, supporting USB full-speed and high-speed data transmission
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE802.11B/G/N

Operating Temperature:

  • With battery power: 0~40ºC
  • With AC Adapter power: 0~35ºC

Drop Resistance: 1m

Relative Humidity: Max 95% non-condensing

Dust Proof/Water Proof: IP57

Insert Tubes Interchangeability: 6.0mm HD series; 3.9mm series

Articulation Probe Specifications:

Joystick Console Dimensions (WxDxH): 139.4 x 193 x 84.2mm (w/o SR and insert tubes)

Net Weight: 2m: 700g / 3m: 866g (approximately)

Joystick Console Buttons: Brightness+; Brightness -; Snapshot/Record

Lock and Move: Lock/unlock switch on console

Probe Head Diameter: 2.8mm

Probe Length: 1.5m

Probe Head Material: Stainless steel

Probe Material: Tungsten braid

Probe Head Length: 10.1mm

Direction of View: Front view

Field of View (FOV): 120º

Depth of Field (DOF): 3mm ~ infinity

Illumination: Front LEDs

Articulation Angle (up/down/left/right): full ways ≥ 110º

Operating Temperature:

  • In air: -10~80ºC
  • In water: 10~30ºC

Dust Proof/Water Proof

  • Joystick console: IP54
  • Insert Tube: under water 1m for 30 minutes

Relative Humidity: Max 95% non-condensing

Liquid Resistance: Operable when exposed to machine oil, light oil or 5% saline solution

Software Features:

Image Features: Digital zoon 3X, 10 steps brightness control

Sharpness Control: Clarity On/Off

Annotation: 10 text annotation (24 characters)

Timestamp/Watermark: for snapshot/video recording (on/off)

Image Management: User define pic / video folder available

On-Screen Display Functions: Light boost, light off, mirror, compare, wireless, particle free, dual view, light direction, negative, auto white balance

White Balance: Manual adjustment (default, warm, cold, custom)

Recording Management Specifications:

Storage Media: SDHC, up to 32G

Overlay: YY/MM/DD h:m, battery capacity

Thumbnail Image Display: 9 grids album mode

Still Image:

  • Resolution: 800×800
  • Recording Format: .jpg


  • Resolution: 800×800
  • Recording Format: .mov / H.264
  • Audio Input: Built-in microphone (on/off)

Frame Rate: 30FPS

Accessory Specifications:

HDMI Cable (AV-out): 1.8m, HDMI 1.4a, D TYPE

USB Cable (data transfer): 1m, TYPE C to standard TYPE A

USB Charging Cable: 1m, USB-DC jack (for power bank)

SD Card: 16G

DC Power Adapter: 100V~240V, 12V 2.5A 50~60 Hz

Shoulder Strap: Polyester

Hand Strap: Polyester

Sun Visor: Steel/Plastic

Ground Wire: 3m with DC jack / PC in / clamp

Insulation Cap: Ø20mm, 90mm rubber

Rigid Sleeve:

  • Grip Material: Rubber/aluminum/plastic
  • Tube Material: Stainless steel

Trolley Case: HDPE EVA with storage reel


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