XTC4-8 – 4-Way Articulation – 8mm Videoscope – up to 15m Length

XTC Videoscope

XTC4-8-600 XTC Series Videoscope 4-way, 8.0mm, 6.0m (call for pricing)
XTC4-8-750 XTC Series Videoscope 4-way, 8.0mm, 7.5m (call for pricing)
XTC4-8-1000 XTC Series Videoscope 4-way, 8.0mm, 10.0m (call for pricing)
XTC4-8-1200 XTC Series Videoscope 4-way, 8.0mm, 12.0m (call for pricing)
XTC4-8-1500 XTC Series Videoscope 4-way, 8.0mm, 15.0m (call for pricing)

*Supplied with 420-0045 Imaging hub

*Option – H8XT70 CamChange interchangeable Camera head (DOV: 0°; FOV:70°; Depth of Field: 20mm to infinity) (call for pricing)

Product Description:

World’s first videoscope with an interchangeable camera head.

Three new and advanced innovations are designed into resulting in extremely economical videoscope inspections. This solution not only reduces repair costs of demanding inspections it significantly reduces the downtime associate with videoscope repairs.


CMOS Image-Senor integrated in the Camera Head (TecTip-Technology)

Dual-LED integrated in the Camera Head (TecTip-Technology)

Interchangeable Camera Head (CamChange-Technology)

Interchangeable Probes (SmartChange-Technology)

Virtually compatible with any video signal-processing device (SmartChange-Technologie)

Working length 1.0m – 15.0m

Diameter 8,0mm

Articulation 4-way / 360

Tactile videoprobe articulation control in the inspection site

Splash proof, easy-grip handle

Water proof videoprobe up to 1bar

Robust Tungsten Braid on PU-Jacket


XTC videoscopes include one forward view camera head: 70° FOV (H8XT70).

XTC videoscopes articulation: 100° L/R, 160° U/D

XTC videoscopes are supplied with LED illumination integral to the camera head.

XTC Series videoscopes have tungsten braid insertion tube.

XTC videoscopes supplied w/1.8m cable typ II – 5-pin (female) to 12V In & Video out

XTC videoscopes supplied in carrying case. (icase+ recommended in system configuration)

XTC videoscopes supplied with 12V DC, .42A AC Adapter and user manual.

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