USA750J-6-2000 – Joystick Articulation – 6mm Videoscope – 2m Length – up to 7m Length

This advanced joystick articulating videoscope offers a 6mm probe with interchangeable tips. HD image quality borescope with probe lengths available in 2m, 3m, 5m and 7 meter lengths. The large 5-inch touch screen is IP54 water and dust resistant. The rugged and durable borescope system is securely packaged in a custom designed heavy-duty case.

Designed for applications where high mobility is needed, the USA750 is lightweight, rugged, and provides high-resolution images and advanced imaging functions that allow workers to fulfill their tasks in even the most challenging environments.

The USA750’s software includes a file management system that allows you to sort photos and videos into session folders. You can write notes or annotations and add them to your images. A compare function enables you to compare the live view image to gallery images. You can also include logos and watermarks as well as session tags. These functions make keeping track of all your inspections easy and convenient.

Tungsten Rigidity All USA750 insertion probes are tungsten braided and are waterproof up to 1 m depth for 30 minutes. The natural abilities of the tungsten metal give our insertion probes increased heat (up to 100° C / 212 F). The strength and density of tungsten extend the probe lifespan significantly, protecting them from scratching or abrasion. Shorter Distal End & Bending Radius The bending angle is crucial to ensure maneuverability within the object and to enhance the field of view. Therefore, our insertion probes offer a shortened distal end and a bending angle of up to 140°.

USA750J Main System:

    • Lightweight and ergonomic
    • One-handed operation
    • 5″ LCD touchscreen
    • IP54 protection
    • HDMI / USB Type-C / Wi-Fi connectivity for Mobile App
    • Backside camera
    • File management, annotation, and comment functions

Insertion Probe:

    • S-HD images and HD videos (2560 x 1440 pixels)
    • Roll-up tubes
    • Various lengths available (up to 7m)
    • IP 67 certified / Scratch-resistant / Heat resistant (100 degree)



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