SRV-J-2-1100 – Joystick Articulation – 2mm Videoscope – 1.1m Length

PN: SRV-J-2-1100

An articulating borescope is an inspection camera with a steerable probe tip. Streamline your most challenging and hard to see inspection areas with this slim 2.0mm diameter borescope. This micro videoscope offers portability with it’s lightweight and ergonomic design. The rechargeable battery pack last for hours and documenting your borescope inspection is done with the push of a button. This innovative borescope with its micro camera and bright LED lighting is the answer to those inspection areas that were once deemed impossible to see.


Joystick Articulation
5″ HD Touch Screen
Photo / Video Recording via Micro SD Card (1280x720px)
Video out via HDMI output
Digital Zoom
Graffiti to mark objects
8 character text annotation
EV Adjustment
Operating Temperature: ~0C – 60C
Distal End: 5mm
Tungsten Braided Mesh
2mm diameter
1.1m Length
Depth of Field: 3 – 50mm


HDMI Cable
Charging Cable
MicroSD Card
MicroSD Card Reader
HD Case

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