USAF300J-6 Economy Videoscope


Industrial Video Borescope

USAF300J-6 Economy Videoscope

PN: USAF300J-6

List price: $2,695.00


Probe head diameter  6.0mm (w/o lock ring)
 Probe head length  24mm
 Probe length  3m
 Probe tip  Interchangeable Side Viewing Tip
 Weight  1m-650g ; 3m-790g
 Articulation angle  full ways ≥110º
 Probe head material  Stainless steel
 Probe material  Outer braide stainless steel
 Light source  Front / Side
 Field of View (FOV)  90º
 Depth of Field (DOF)  10mm~100mm
 Button  Boost / Rotate / Particle free
 Articulation shaft lock  Left-open, right-lock
 Working temperature  -10ºC~60ºC
 Storage temperature  -10ºC~60ºC
 Resolution  640*480


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