MoVeo – 6mm Videoscope – up to 6m Length

6mm MoVeo Videoscope

MoVeo is a portable videoscope system that features an integrated 5″ LCD screen, a high-power LED light source as well as lithium ion battery technology and functional software. The MoVeo allows both mains and battery operation in a stationary area or mobile use in applications such as, for example, areospace, power generaion or wind energy. Its 4-way deflection and the precise angulation of the sheath up to +/- 150° ensure reliable and effective visual inspecion.

Special Features:

optimal mobility and flexibility

integrated display, LED light source, Battery and intuitive operation software

multi-functional case solution

1.5m x 6mm diameter set (81301001-615)

Length: 1.5m

Sheath Outer Diameter: 6mm

Direction of View: 0°

Angle of View: 70°

Depth of Field: 15mm to infinity

Tungsten Carbine Sheath

4-Way Deflection 150°

Lens with Safety Thread

Ergonomic Control Unit with 5″ LCD Display Unit

Li-Ion Battery

SD Memory Card 2GB

Adjustable LED Light Source including Li-Ion Battery

Mini USB Cable

Composite Video Cable

Adhesive Label: MoVeo Labeling 230x100mm

User Manual

Carrying Case

3m x 6mm diameter set (81301001-603)

Same, sheath length 3m

6m x 6mm diameter set (81301001-606)

Same, sheath length 36

Accessories for 6mm MoVeo Videoscope

MoVeo Holding Arm Kit

Multipurpose Stand (80603) – for stable mounting of endoscopes and cameras, consisting of: Articulated stand with a joint in the center and ball joints at both ends, equipped with a mounting plate for holding a camera or endoscope grip, total length approx. 50 cm. The stand can be moved in any direction and can be locked in any position required using a central fixation screw.

Tension Rod with V Guide (80600 H) – for mounting a VIDEoSCoPE to Multipurpose Stands 80600 and 80603

MoVeo VIDEOSCOPE Holder (VoX00 M) – with tripod socket to screw in Multipurpose Stand 80603

Interchangeable Lens 90° (VG0470WDE)

Direction of View: 90°, Field of View: 70°, Depth of Field: 12mm to infinity

Interchangeable Lens 0° (VG0670WAE)

Direction of View: 0°, Field of View: 70°, Depth of Field: 4mm to 22mm

Rigid Sleeve (V06003AQ)

working length 300mm, outer diameter 7.5mm

Carrying Strap (80404GM)

length approx. 120m, adjustable

includes Carrying Belt, Fixation Screw & Hex Key

Screw Base (495G)

for fiber optic light cable & Olympus/Winter & Ibe



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