iRis – 7 Pro 4mm Videoscope – 4-Way Articulation – up to 4m Length

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Performing visual inspections in hard to see areas arise in many different industries however, the inspection must be completed. With minimal efforts the Iris DVR Pro 7 videoscope system can make even the most challenging borescope inspections painless. This professional borescope offers responsive 4-way articulating with up to 180 degrees of angulation. The 7 inch high resolution screen with touch display makes documentation and viewing of the inspection area clear and crisp. The rechargeable battery pack for the portable borescope assures up to 2 hours of operating time and can be easily exchanged in seconds. The 4mm diameter borescope provides the following interchangeable objective borescope lenses:

Probe               DOV   FOV    DOF               CODE

4.0mm            0°         60°       7-50mm

4.0mm             0°         60°       4-10mm           SD

4.0mm            0°         90°       15mm-∞

4.0mm             0°         90°       10-30mm         SD

4.0mm**         90°      60°       5-45mm           SVTA


The 4mm portable videoscope Iris is available in various borescope probe lengths:

Borescope Part Number                      Borescope Diameter   Borescope Length

iRis 7 44-15 Art. 4-way                      Dia. 4mm (0.157 in)   1.5m (4.9 ft)

iRis 7 44-20 Art. 4-way                      Dia. 4mm (0.157 in)    2.0m (6.6 ft)

iRis 7 44-30 Art. 4-way                      Dia. 4mm (0.157 in)    3.0m (9.8 ft)

iRis 7 44-40 Art. 4-way                      Dia. 4mm (0.157 in)    4.0m  (13.1 ft)

  • 4 Ways Articulation
  • 7″ Monitor (1024 x 600px)
  • Probe with integrated light source
  • Internal 16GB Storage
  • Probe comes in 4 lengths (1.5m, 2m, 3m, 4m)
  • Text Annotation
  • Waterproof up to 14.7 psi
  • Tip operating Temp -13F – 176F
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