USAVS-2-8-3000-HT – 2-Way Articulation – 8mm Videoscope – up to 3m Length – High Temperature

The USAVS-2-8-3000HT is designed to withstand higher temperatures that standard borescopes would not. Standard videoscopes can generally withstand up to 60C (140F) while some can withstand 80C (176F).

The USAVS-2-8-3000HT is able to withstand temperatures up to 250C (482F) which is achieved by using a constant flow compressed air to keep the probe cool.


4.5″ LCD Monitor
Storage: MicroSD Card up to 128GB
2 Way Articulation
8mm probe diameter
Depth of View: 10-80mm
Field of View: 120 degrees
Operating Temperature with compressed air 250C (482F)


REQUIRES Compressed Air (Sold Separately) for Cooling

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