USAVSNA-1.6-1000 – Non Articulating – 1.6mm Videoscope – 1m Length

1.6mm x 1000mm portable recording videoscope

PN: USAVSNA-1.6-1000

In the past you would have to use a micro fiberscope to visually inspection areas that offered and entry point smaller than 4 mm in diameter. If you wanted to take pictures or record a video of the inspection you had to utilize an USB Camera attachment and feed the signal to your computer. Now, with the mini borescope or actually the mini videoscope you can have the smallest diameter borescope with a camera and digital video screen. No more wires and connectors to support the light source and USB camera. The USAVSNA series portable videoscope offers integrated LED lighting, color screen, rechargeable battery pack and digital recording in one compact and ergonomic design.

This micro borescope fits into the family of  non destructive test equipment and can streamline your inspection requirements that offer those really hard to see areas.


Diameter: 1.6mm x 5mm

Distal Tip Length: 5mm

Length: 1000mm

Bending Radius: 25mm minimum

Articulation: None

5” TFT Color Display

Video Output: Mini HDMI

DoF: 3-50mm

FoV: 120°

Rechargeable 3700mAh lithium-ion batteries

Picture Taking/Video Recording

SD Card: Micro SD card up to 32GB

Adjustable LED Lighting

Digital Zoom X6

JPG 400x400P

MP4 400x400P

Operating Temp: 0-60°C

Battery Life: 4 hours

Light: LED (50,000 hours)

Sheathing: Tungsten braided, Tungsten mesh

Camera housing: Stainless Steel

Waterproof: IP67

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