PIVS3388-60 40mm Manual Push with Reel Inspection Videoscope

Pipe Inspection Videoscope with Reel (PIVS3388)

$3,795 USD (plus shipping) –  60 Meters Length

 $5,695 USD (plus shipping) – 120 Meters Length

Product Description:

Portable push camera system with a 40mm diameter tip and up to 120 meters insertion probe. The video camera head is flexible and is supplied with bright LED lighting. Ideal for pipelines, ducts, drains or sewer inspections.



10″ TFT Color LCD Monitor and built-in DVR with USB Port in an ABS Waterproof Case;

Monitor Resolution : 800 x 600; Monitor input Voltage : 12V DC;

1/4″ Sharp CCD Waterproof Color Camera with Self-Leveling function and 18 White LED Headlights.

Camera View Angel : 80 degree, Outer Diameter of Camera : 4 cm; Camera housing length 93 mm

60 M ( 190 FT ), 7mm Fiberglass Push Cable.; Optional 120m

Li-ion Rechargeable Battery : last 4 hours with a single charge;

Battery level display function;

Stainless Wheel with special structure;

Operating temperature : – 20°F – 120°F

512HZ Frequency Signal

Meter Counter for Length Recording

Shipping Details:

23″x11″ x21″

The wieght of the unit with 98FT cable is about 30lbs


The weight of the unit with the 120 Meters is 76lbs

This low cost portable inspection device is designed to deliver quality video inspection in a wide range of applications including: sewers, sewer pipes, air ducts/piping, wells, production piping and power plants.
The push camera head contains 12 adjustable LED lights, a flexible spring coiled joint to navigate around corners, and a Sapphire lens to resist scratching. This high resolution pipe inspection camera is designed to capture bright, crisp, color video of the inspection area. The monitor and additional controls are built into a compact, waterproof and lightweight hard plastic case making it easy to transport. The 10” TFT LCD color display presents a live color image with your thumb drive. An adjustable sun hood is included as a sun shield for outdoor inspections.
The PVC coated fiberglass cable is waterproof and available in 60 meter and 120 meter lengths. The reel conveniently stores the cable inside the case and is easy to remove and return to the storage area.
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Additional information

Length of Probe (ft)

200, 393

Length of Probe (m)

120, 60



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