PIVS3188DN – 1″ Pipe Camera – 100′ Length

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Superseded by the USAP-21-130

The PIVS3188DN will continue being serviced by USA Borescopes.

Availability Notice dated October 2023

Manual Push Inspection Videoscope (PIVS3188DN)


7″ TFT lcd color monitor in an ABS Waterproof Case

1 ” CCD waterproof color camera with 8 LED lights

Camera has diameter of 1 inch

Sapphire glass lens cover

Camera field of view: 60°

Cable Length : Standard : 30 meters (40M optional – $1,699 call for availability)

Remote control (for monitor)

Rechargeable Li-ion storage battery

Built-in digital recorder

USB port

Movie format: AVI

View of Depth: 400mm (approx)

1 Bar Rating (14.5038 psi)


A sewer camera allows you to perform an inspection of a sewer pipe or drain line that may be too small and too long to inspect with your eyes and a flashlight.  Sewer cameras are one of the most essential tools for any plumber or home handyman.  Sewer cameras allow you to identify issues that need to be repaired or identify issues in pipes before they become a serious problem.  Of course, there are many sewer cameras and drain cameras to choose from.  For many that are just starting out in the sewer camera inspection field or don’t expect to have a continuous need they are looking for the beast cheap sewer camera available.   Looking for the best cheap sewer camera on the market can be overwhelming.

Although specific features can vary from sewer camera to sewer camera, many of these cheap inspection cameras share some basic functions. These features include:

  • Metal Camera Heads: The heads on these cameras typically metal exteriors to protect them from damage as they move through a drain.
  • Adjustable LEDs:  LED lighting at the tip of the sewer cameras provide illumination.  Relatively speaking the larger the camera head, the more light it will supply.
  • Compact Design:  Some camera heads can fit in pipes as small 1 inch in diameter. Most sewer pipes are 4-6 inches in diameter and therefore plumbers selecting the best cheap sewer camera target a drain inspection camera with 1- or 1.5-inch camera head.
  • Semi-Rigid Push Rods: The push cables on the best cheap sewer cameras use push rods that not only provide the communication feeds that provide power to the LED lighting and image signal from the camera to the color monitor but also provide enough rigidity to be able to be pushed long distances.   These push rods on best pipe inspection cameras are also designed to flex around curves and bends.
  • Portability:  The best inspection cameras will also provide a battery pack which allows you to perform the pipe inspection that are in remote areas or in areas that do not yet have power like new construction.
  • Data Collection:  The best cheap sewer camera will offer the ability to take pictures and record video of your inspection.  This is usually performed with a removable SD card or USB drive

While there are inspection cameras that provide advance features such as having a Wi-Fi Sewer Camera or a Pan & Tilt Sewer Camera Head, for many starting in the industry this system is a good starting point.   One of the benefits of starting off with the best cheap sewer camera is that once you become more familiar with the industry you can always upgrade into a more advanced system.  Other pipe inspection professionals already have a significant investment in the inspection camera and they find it very beneficial to have a low-cost sewer camera in their arsenal as they will chose to use this system for their more risky inspections.   Let’s be honest, if you damage a cheap sewer camera you don’t as upset as you would if you damaged your $8,000 inspection camera.

The best sewer camera will let you see clearly and in detail so you’re able to zero in on the object and problem. So, which is the best sewer camera? It depends on your needs and budget.  The PIVS3188DN in an economy sewer camera that offers:

  • a simple, push sewer camera inspection system that is easy to setup and operate. It is designed for light to moderate use.
  • Rugged and simple custom fitted storage case holds the complete system.
  • We can also provide after sales service our affordable sewer push cameras.
  • Not all suppliers will service their sewer camera products. However, USA Borescopes is a supplier and service provider of sewer inspection cameras. One of the advantages of the PIVS3188DN sewer camera is that the primary components of the system are field replaceable:
    • Color Camera head
    • 100-foot push rod
    • 4 pin connectors
    • Battery pack
    • Centering devices.

This low cost portable inspection device is designed to deliver quality video inspection in a wide range of applications including: sewers, sewer pipes, air ducts/piping, wells, production piping, process piping and power plants.

The push camera head contains 12 adjustable LED lights, a flexible spring coiled joint to navigate around corners, and a Sapphire lens to resist scratching. This high resolution pipe inspection camera is designed to capture bright, crisp, color video of the inspection area. An optional 512Hz frequency sonde, located immediately behind the camera head, with the ability to remotely locate it (with the use of the optional sewer camera locator). The monitor and additional controls are built into a compact, waterproof and lightweight hard plastic case making it easy to transport. The 7” TFT LCD color display presents a live color image with your thumb drive. An adjustable sun hood is included as a sun shield for outdoor inspections.

The PVC coated fiberglass cable is waterproof and available in 30 meter (98.4 foot) and 40 meter (131.2′) lengths. The reel conveniently stores the cable inside the case and is easy to remove and return to the storage area.   This system.  In addition, the control station for this sewer camera can support different diameter probes:  6mm, 12mm and 40mm.  This unit is also available as a pipe inspection camera rental.

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