Opticam Sewer Camera – 1.3″ Self Leveling Pipe Camera – up to 400′ Length


Opticam Sewer Inspection Camera

Lengths in 200FT, 300FT, 400FT

Affordable, Simple & Portable


Perform Complete Pipe Inspections With an Opticam Sewer Camera

The Opticam sewer camera allows you to perform an inspection of a drainpipe, process pipe or sewer line that may be inaccessible to investigate otherwise. The Opticam provides a 1.3 inch diameter camera head that offers not only self leveling but also a built in transmitter to assist with above ground locating.  Having a better understanding of the features and functions of this versatile pipe inspection device will help you decide is the Opticam is the right choice for you.

What are some features of the Opticam Modular Inspection Camera?

Although most inspection camera will offer very similar features the Opticam offers advanced features that many do not. These features include:

  • Metallic heads: The waterproof camera head is designed with a metal shell to protect it from damage it navigates your inspection area.
  • Bright LEDs: Diodes on the ends of the cameras provide powerful illumination even in dark areas.
  • Miniature design: This compact inspection camera head can fit in pipes as small as two inches in diameter but also bright enough to support pipes up to 12 inches.
  • Flexible Push Rod: The cable (or push rod) on the Opticam are designed to flex around curves and bends without stress.   This system is available in a standard 200 foot length but is also available in a 400 foot length push rod.
  • Intuitive Control Station:  The control station on the Opticam offers a large 10.4 inch screen with full keyboard for text annotation and inspection documentation.  Also, voice recording to narrate your findings.  The Opticam also offers wi-fi capabilities with the use of a downloadable app.

Opticam Modular Inspection Camera offers Image Capture and Video Recording

Most all sewer cameras designed to capture images and videos of your inspection.  The Opticam offers this with a simple push of a button.  Realizing that your inspection camera will be used in the field and being introduced to dirty environments, the Opticam is equipped to store you recorded images on a removable SD card.   That way you can easily transport the findings into your office area without having to bring you soiled system into your clean office area.


  • 10.4″ LCD screen provides better picture quality
  • Simple to use Text-writer that provides data collection
  • 1.3″ Modular Camera will yield more inspection with one camera
  • Take snapshots and save onto your Flashdrive
  • Get more jobs with one camera that inspects 2″ to 12″ pipes
  • Free Wifi app for wireless video streams to Android and Apple devices
  • Record to USB stick to easily save, record and playback
  • Opticam system can be powered up using 120V AC or 12V DC
  • Optional Add-ons: Auxiliary Battery Pack holds up to 6 hours
  • Optional Add-ons: Additional 120GB of Internal Memory
  • Optional Add-ons: 6″ & 8″ Centering Skids
  • Optional Add-ons: 512Hz Frequency Locator



  • Pictures: JPG – Take high resolution pictures to send to customers
  • Screen: 10.4″ – See the damages clearer and faster for better inspection
  • Counter: Digital – Display footage distance on screen and no more guess work
  • Carry Case: ABS – Weather-proof and reliable material needing less repairs
  • System: Portable – Ideal viewing position and easy handling for traveling
  • Text-Writer: Membrane – Simply add detailed information to your inspection
  • Frame: Vertical – Versatile and expandable design for all lateral inspection
  • Stream Wireless: Wifi – Stream wireless video to Android or Apple mobile devices
  • Camera: Modular – More inspection with one camera requiring less investment
  • Resolution: 480 x 720 – Easily spot and view problem areas for faster inspections
  • Record: USB – 8GB of memory will save you time to do other inspections
  • Pipe Size: 2″ to 12″ – Inspects most common residential and commercial pipes
  • Cable Size: Fiber glass – .47″ OD optimized for further pushes with more turns and bends
  • Sonde: 512 Hz – Locatable beacon for precise area determination
  • Waterproof up to 2 bar (60ft)
  • FOV: 87°