MinCord – mini13 – 0.5″ Pipe Camera – 50′ Length

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MinCord mini13 Portable Visual Inspection System

Also known as MinCord 5


This compact color camera system is small, light weight and ideal for the optical, non-destructive inspection of pipes, cavities, welding seams, turbines, hollow girder and cast parts. With the help of this mini-camera system you can detect firmly bonded deposits, abrasions and deformations in narrow, elbowed, hard approachable and dangerous not illuminated locations without cost intensive disassembling the parts. Detected damages can be stored as picture and/or as video directly to the SD-card. The minCord camera system with a camera head of only 13mm in outer diameter is a combination of a well known normal camera system with a Fiberscope. This unique system combines the advantage of the resolution from a normal inspection system, about 320k pixel (30k pixel of a Fiberscope) with the handling and size of a fiberscope camera system. This mini-camera-system is ideal and designed for architects, construction engineers, reviewers, plumbers, caretakers and controllers for maintenance, for quality control and expertise.


  • Field of view of 84°
  • 50ft (15m) Standard length
  • Location sonde (33 kHz / 512 Hz / 640 Hz)
  • Up to 1 bar pressure rated
    • max bar rating for KK13 camera is 5 bar (special order)
  • Durable plastic Hand Drum
  • Control unit with function keys to control the camera head
  • Light regulation
  • Anti-glare 5“ Monitor
  • BNC Video Out
  • Meter counter
  • Internal Battery (5-7 hours)
  • Micro SD Storage up to 32GB


Optional Wifi-Module for $695

This inspection device is not certified or designed for use in explosive or hazardous environments.