MinCam – mC30 – 1.1″ Pipe Camera – 100′ Length

mC30 Portable Visual Inspection System

Single camera system on Stainless Steel and carbon frame/reel.

MinCam Duo Pipe Camera Overview:

  • 1.14 in. Push Camera and 98ft. X .217 In. Push Rod
  • Stainless Steel And Carbon Fiber Frame Construction
  • AC and Internal Lithium Ion Battery Power
  • 5.6 in. High-Resolution LCD Monitor Display
  • Digital Storage Of Video and .Bmp Images
  • Removable SD Card (32 GB Max.)
  • Integrated Distance Counter, BNC Video Out (PAL)
  • Includes 5 Piece Offset Device Kit
  • Weight: 18 Lbs.
  • Dimensions: 17 in. L X 6 in. W X 19 in. H
  • Optional Accessories: Text Generation, Location Transmitter, Roller Skids, 4 Different Diameter Camera Heads

(text generation and location transmitter ‘sonde’ sold separately and must be purchased with original system at time of order)

mc30 Single Pipe Inspection Camera Features and Benefits

  • Text annotation transcribes your inspection notes (serial numbers, dates, condition, location etc.). allowing you to save time without the need to retype hand written information.
  • Stainless steel and carbon fiber construction provides a strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant frame. This ensures long life & contributes to the portability of the pipe camera rental system.
  • Interchangeable Camera Heads provide the best camera and LED light output for large and small diameter applications. This makes inspection of multiple applications possible.
  • A removable SD Card records still images and video for later review and easy transfer to a PC for reporting or sharing via email.
  • Adjustable LED lighting allows adjustment of the image in extremely dark and highly reflective areas. This provides the best image for inspecting a variety of applications.
  • Removable high resolution TFT display is the perfect combination of portability and high resolution. The LCD can be removed and used with multiple pipe camera reels.
  • Optional sonde locator allows the exact detection of the camera head to isolate damage in a line for precise corrective action.
  • Meter counter displays length of push rod that is extended to assist in determining the location of damage within a line.
  • Adjustable spring tension allows the camera head to be set in a variety of stiffness settings. This is superior to fixed springs on other pipe camera systems. The adjustable spring can make going around 90 degree bends or “P” traps easier.
  • Reversible push rod cable allows the interior and less worn portion of the cable to be placed at the camera head and double the life of the push rod cable.
  • Short cylindrical length of the camera heads allows the pipe camera to more easily traverses 90-degree bends and allows inspection of smaller diameter pipelines than other designs.
  • Sapphire glass protects the objective lens for maximum durability to provide long life to the pipe camera system.
  • Quick-change camera heads require no tools and are easily changed out in the field to save time.


  • KK29 camera with 30m 5.5mm rod
  • 5.6” TFT LCD monitor
  • video with audio recording to SD card (32GB max.)
  • image capture to SD card
  • BNC video output (PAL)
  • DC input jack
  • internal 2.5 hr. Lithium ion battery
  • stainless steel and carbon fiber frame: 17”l x 9”w x 19”h
  • Weight 15lbs

(distance counter, text generation, and location transmitter ‘sonde’ are sold separately and must be ordered at time of original purchase)

 Accessories Placed at Time of Order:

Sonde, 512H or 33kH – $1,100

  • Includes transimitter embedded in camera and PCB mount: 512H or 33kH

Text Generator – $1,600

  • Includes keyboard and PCB mount with jack

TFTC 5.6 – $2,200

  • 5.6″ LCD with image capture and video recording to SD card

Meter/Distance Counter – $1,300

  • Embedded counter on PCB and on screen display

Battery – $600

  • Spare Lithium ion battery, 2+ hours


KK13 – $2,300

OD: 13mm (.51″)  Cylinder Length:  9mm (.35″)

Field of View:  diagonal 75⁰,  Depth of Focus:  4cm-12cm

Stainless steel housing, saphire lens  1mm,  12 LEDs

Environment:  1 Bar*, 140⁰ F

* Bar rating can be increased to 10bar ($252) or 20 bar ($504)


KK18 – $2,800

OD:  18mm (.67″), Cylinder Length:  13mm

FoV:  diagonal 78⁰,  DoF:  5cm – 13cm

Stainless steel housing, spahire lens 2mm, 12 LEDs

Environment:  2 Bar*, 140⁰ F

*  Bar rating can be increased to 10bar ($252) or 20 bar ($504)


KK29 – $1,900

OD:  29mm (1.14″)  Cylinder Length:  10mm

FoV:  diagonal 132⁰,  DoF:  2.5cm – ∞

Stainless steel housing, spahire lens 3mm, 12 LEDs

Environment:  6 Bar*, 140⁰ F

*  Bar rating can be increased to 10bar ($252) or 20bar ($504)


KK55 – $2,500

OD:  55mm (2.18″)  Cylinder Length: 35mm

FoV:  diagonal 118⁰,  DoF:  6mm – ∞

Stainless steel housing, saphire lens 4mm, 16 LEDs

Environment:  6 Bar*, 140⁰ F

*  Bar rating can be increased to 10bar ($252) or 20bar ($504)


KK13 Skid – $300

KK13 aluminum skid, two piece

Diameter:  24mm


KK18 Skid – $300

KK18 aluminum skid, one piece with set screw

Diameter:  29mm (fits inside KK29 spacers)


KK29OD Kit – $600

KK29 Offset Device Kit, Polyamide (PA6) 4 pieces

Diameter:  Brushes 75mm, 105mm, 145mm, Skid 45mm


KK55OD Kit – $800

KK55 aluminum skid, one piece with set screw

Diameter:  75mm

KK55 Roller skid, small and medium wheel sets


Large Roller Skid – $700

KK55 Roller skid, large

For pipes greater than 250mm (10″) dimeter


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