MinCam – Duo50 – 1.1″ and 2.1″ Pipe Camera – 65′ and 160′ Length

Duo50 Portable Double Camera Inspection System

Two Systems in One!

Inner reel contains small camera with a more flexible cable for those small access inspections with tight turns; outer reel has a larger camera with a stiffer cable for larger inspections.

Ideal for longer and larger diameter inspections.

MinCam Duo Pipe Camera Overview:

  • Includes 2 Separate Push Rod Systems:

Outer Reel: 2.18 in. Camera and 164ft. X .286 In. Push Rod

Inner Reel:  1.14 in. Camera and 66ft. X 2.17 In. Push Rod

  • Stainless Steel And Carbon Fiber Frame Construction
  • AC and Internal Lithium Ion Battery Power
  • 5.6 in. High-Resolution LCD Monitor Display
  • Digital Storage Of Video and .Bmp Images
  • Removable SD Card (32 GB Max.)
  • Integrated Distance Counter, BNC Video Out (PAL)
  • Includes 5 Piece Offset Device Kit
  • Weight: 18 Lbs.
  • Dimensions: 17 in. L X 6 in. W X 19 in. H
  • Optional Accessories: Text Generation, Location Transmitter, Roller Skids, 4 Different Diameter Camera Heads

(text generation and location transmitter ‘sonde’ sold separately and must be purchased with original system at time of order)

Duo50 Pipe Camera Features and Benefits

  • Text annotation transcribes your inspection notes (serial numbers, dates, condition, location etc.). allowing you to save time without the need to retype hand written information.
  • Stainless steel and carbon fiber construction provides a strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant frame. This ensures long life & contributes to the portability of the pipe camera rental system.
  • Interchangeable Camera Heads provide the best camera and LED light output for large and small diameter applications. This makes inspection of multiple applications possible.
  • A removable SD Card records still images and video for later review and easy transfer to a PC for reporting or sharing via email.
  • Adjustable LED lighting allows adjustment of the image in extremely dark and highly reflective areas. This provides the best image for inspecting a variety of applications.
  • Removable high resolution TFT display is the perfect combination of portability and high resolution. The LCD can be removed and used with multiple pipe camera reels.
  • Optional sonde locator allows the exact detection of the camera head to isolate damage in a line for precise corrective action.
  • Meter counter displays length of push rod that is extended to assist in determining the location of damage within a line.
  • Adjustable spring tension allows the camera head to be set in a variety of stiffness settings. This is superior to fixed springs on other pipe camera systems. The adjustable spring can make going around 90 degree bends or “P” traps easier.
  • Reversible push rod cable allows the interior and less worn portion of the cable to be placed at the camera head and double the life of the push rod cable.
  • Short cylindrical length of the camera heads allows the pipe camera to more easily traverses 90-degree bends and allows inspection of smaller diameter pipelines than other designs.
  • Sapphire glass protects the objective lens for maximum durability to provide long life to the pipe camera system.
  • Quick-change camera heads require no tools and are easily changed out in the field to save time.


Accessories Placed at Time of Order:

Sonde, 512H or 33kH – $1,100

  • Includes transimitter embedded in camera and PCB mount: 512H or 33kH

Text Generator – $1,600

  • Includes keyboard and PCB mount with jack

TFTC 5.6 – $2,200

  • 5.6″ LCD with image capture and video recording to SD card

Meter/Distance Counter – $1,300

  • Embedded counter on PCB and on screen display

Battery – $600

  • Spare Lithium ion battery, 2+ hours


 KK13 – $2,300

OD: 13mm (.51″)  Cylinder Length:  9mm (.35″)

Field of View:  diagonal 75⁰,  Depth of Focus:  4cm-12cm

Stainless steel housing, saphire lens  1mm,  12 LEDs

Environment:  1 Bar*, 140⁰ F

* Bar rating can be increased to 10bar ($252) or 20 bar ($504)


KK18 – $2,800

OD:  18mm (.67″), Cylinder Length:  13mm

FoV:  diagonal 78⁰,  DoF:  5cm – 13cm

Stainless steel housing, spahire lens 2mm, 12 LEDs

Environment:  2 Bar*, 140⁰ F

*  Bar rating can be increased to 10bar ($252) or 20 bar ($504)


KK29 – $1,900

OD:  29mm (1.14″)  Cylinder Length:  10mm

FoV:  diagonal 132⁰,  DoF:  2.5cm – ∞

Stainless steel housing, spahire lens 3mm, 12 LEDs

Environment:  6 Bar*, 140⁰ F

*  Bar rating can be increased to 10bar ($252) or 20bar ($504)


KK55 – $2,500

OD:  55mm (2.18″)  Cylinder Length: 35mm

FoV:  diagonal 118⁰,  DoF:  6mm – ∞

Stainless steel housing, saphire lens 4mm, 16 LEDs

Environment:  6 Bar*, 140⁰ F

*  Bar rating can be increased to 10bar ($252) or 20bar ($504)


KK13 Skid – $300

KK13 aluminum skid, two piece

Diameter:  24mm


KK18 Skid – $300

KK18 aluminum skid, one piece with set screw

Diameter:  29mm (fits inside KK29 spacers)


KK29OD Kit – $600

KK29 Offset Device Kit, Polyamide (PA6) 4 pieces

Diameter:  Brushes 75mm, 105mm, 145mm, Skid 45mm

KK55OD Kit – $800

KK55 aluminum skid, one piece with set screw

Diameter:  75mm

KK55 Roller skid, small and medium wheel sets



Large Roller Skid – $700

KK55 Roller skid, large

For pipes greater than 250mm (10″) dimeter


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