3.2mm Diameter Two – Way Articulating Fiberscope with internal LED Light Source

#0063251 – FVSD320 FreedomView® LED SD Fiberscope x 20″ (51cm) working length

#0063252 – FVSD340 FreedomView®LED SD Fiberscope x 40″ (102cm) working length


.126 inch (3.2mm) shaft diameter

Articulation: Up – 130° Down – 100°

Urethane covered shaft

Depth of Field 5-50mm; Field of View 55°

Insertion shaft is watertight and Fuel tight to scope handle

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Common Point Ground for added safety

Aluminum Handle with:

Internal LED Lighting System with Intensity Control

3 Watt White LED – 5500K Color Temperature

Internal Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

On/Off Switch and Adjustable Level Switches

Internal Pulse Width Modulating (PWM) Circuit

FreedomView® SD LED Fiberscope Kit Includes:


(2) Lithium Ion Batteries

Battery Charger

Carrying Case

Operators Manual

FreedomView® LED SD (Small Diameter) Fiberscope Accessories & Replacement Items:

#006176 – Li-Ion Battery

#006107 – Charger Cradle

#006158 – AC Charger Adapter

#006190 – European AC Charger Adapter

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This flexible fiber scopes offer high resolution optics, with stainless steel braided insertion probes, which are tough and flexible.  The 90 degree two-way tip articulation allows inspections in tight areas. The probes are protected by a stainless steel braided sheath which are water, oil, and gasoline resistant.  Ideal for insertion into multiple-bend pipes such as aviation engine guide tubes.  The fiberscope insertion tube flexibility changes continuously.
The universal focusing eyepiece easily connects to c-mount video cameras through a simple coupler, with a variable focus.
The fiberscope light guide is approximately 1 meter long (can be customized for longer length) to allow ample room to work with from the light source.  The standard receiver on the light guide is ACMI and there are various adapters available to support your specific light source.  The fiberscope light guide can be used with halogen, metal halide or LED light sources.   Please contact us if you have a specific UV application.
The fiberscope is packaged in a custom fitted standard duty storage case.   The purpose of the fiberscope case is to protect the unit while not in use form damage, heat, cold temperatures and sunlight.   Optional fiberscope heavy duty storage cases and fiberscope shipping cases are available.
Ask about our fiberscope repair exchange program to help eliminate your fiberscope inspection downtime.
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