USAVS2-4-1500 – 2-Way Articulation – 4mm Videoscope – 1.5m Length

USAVS2-4-1500 has been superseded by the USAVSJ-4-1500

4mm x 1500mm 2 way articulating portable recording videoscope

PN: USAVS2-4-1500

Price: $2,495.00


Diameter: 4mm

Length: 1500mm

Articulation: 2 Way

Screen: 4.3” LCD (752×582)

Articulation range: 120°+

Storage: SD Card

Battery Life: 4 hours

Light: LED (50,000 hours)

Sheathing: Tungsten

Camera housing: Stainless Steel

Waterproof: IP67

The USAVS2-4-1500 has been added to USA Borescopes economy videoscope line up because it offers end users the opportunity to upgrade from a lower cost fiberscope, typically ranging in price from $3,000-$6,000, to an articulating videoscope with its own internal light source, video recording, picture taking, and SD card storage.   Most fiberscopes offer 2-way articulation and if this is what you have used in the past you will be familiar with this range of motion at the distal tip.  Some may say that this is a cheap videoscope because of the low cost, but when you test out the performance of this economy videoscope you will see for yourself that calling this a ‘cheap borescope’ is an incorrect statement.   This unit features tungsten sheathing as found in many other higher end videoscope systems.  The image quality provides an improvement over flexible fiberscopes which typically will feature between 9,000-15,000 pixels.  This economy videoscope can take pictures and videos with the touch of a button.  The images are stored on a removable SD card for your convenience. This unit is a basic borescope system to allow for a low-cost borescope inspection option.

Low-cost borescope provides features and characteristics such as rechargeable battery pack, adjustable LED lighting, responsive articulation, image zoom and time date stamp.  These economy borescopes are designed for inspecting areas with limited viewing access in countless industries and applications.

This so-called cheap borescope, is a simple yet complex piece of non-destructive test equipment.   At the tip of the prove there is a micro camera or sometimes called image sensor at the tip.  This low-cost borescope camera provides a slim 3.9mm diameter which can enter many of those hard to see areas.   If you are familiar with using articulating fiberscopes you will very much enjoy using the economy borescope as it provides a large color screen to view the image instead of utilizing the focusing eyepiece on your fiberscope.   The ability to not only store images and videos but also the ability to share them with customers and coworkers becomes invaluable.  This low-cost borescope is also available in a 4-way articulation video borescope configuration.

The economy borescope will come complete with a custom fitted hard plastic storage case.  There is a heavy-duty borescope storage case available that is designed to house Pratt & Whitney guide tubes in a convenient all in one case.

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