USA1000J-4-1500 – Joystick Articulation – 4mm Videoscope – 1.5m Length

Portable Video Borescope

4.3mm Portable Joystick Articulating Videoscope With Side View Tip

PN: USA1000J-4-1500

Our outstanding image processing technology implementation to sharpen the edges and optimize the image quality for best inspection result.

System Specifications:

Probe Length: 1.5 meters (3 meters upon request at additional cost)

Probe Diameter: 4mm

Side view tip: YES (included)

Display: 7″ LCD (800 x 480)

Snapshot: 400 x 400 , .jpeg

Recording: 400 x 400, .avi

Dimensions: 240 x 154 x 47 mm

System weight: 1.3kg (2.86 lb)

Dust & Water proof: IP57

Drop resistance: 1m

Power supply: Rechargeable Li battery, approx. 3.5 hours charging/ operating

AC power: 100-240V, 5V, 3A

Working temperature: 0ºC~45ºC (with battery) ; 0ºC~40ºC (with AC power adaptor)

Storage temperature: 0°C~60ºC

Relative humidity: Max 95%, non condensing

USB: Mass storage mode

Storage: SD card, up to 32G

AV output: NTSC / PAL

Audio input: Built-in microphone

Brightness Adjust: 8 levels (5+3 Boost levels)


The USA1000 portable videoscope is designed to provide borescope professionals a budget friendly advanced borescope inspection system.   The USA1000 videoscope provides a joystick articulating insertion tube to provide flexibility in narrow space inspections.  This ‘joystick’ function is similar to what is seen on many of the video gaming device that allows the player to control the movements with one hand with comfort and responsiveness. The responsive cable guided articulation does not rely on electronic motor assisted articulation and allows you to feel the range of motion and if the videoscope tip if restricted.  It features 11 levels of LED light adjustment for different inspection conditions so even the darkest environments can be viewed easily.  The USA1000 videoscope also includes as a standard feature a side view tip that can be attached to the tip of the probe to assist in inspecting the side small tubes that will not allow for articulation. The interchangeable videoscope 90-degree tip also assist in inspection area where you may need to articulate and look back 180 degrees; for example, when inspecting inside a motor cylinder and are required to look back at the valve at the top of the inspection area.  Please do not use any glues or permanent adhesive when attaching the interchangeable side viewing tip.  In addition, the side view tip for the portable videoscope is designed to be hand tightened and there is no requirement to use hand tools to attach.

The USA 1000 Videoscope offers a true color 7-inch LCD touch screen to make even your most challenging inspections easier.  The digital zoom on the videoscope is similar to your portable phone as you can easily use your fingers to expand and reduce the image being viewed.

Image capture and video recording features are performed with a touch of a button.  The data is stored with the use of a removable SD card.  The purpose in this design is that this videoscope camera is available in various lengths and in some cases may be introduced to dirty or other undesirable inspection areas and you are not required to transport the entire videoscope to you work station to view and evaluate the captured data.

The USA 1000 Portable Videoscope comes in a custom fitted heavy duty storage case that is not only designed to safely store your videoscope when not in use but provides a secure storage case for shipping from site to site.   The accessories included with the video scope camera are a rigid sleeve set and gripper that is crafted to support the probe over open areas within your inspection process.   The point to make with the rigid sleeve set is to make sure that the articulation section has cleared the exit tip of the rigid sleeve set before you articulate the videoscope.   Other videoscope accessories include the battery charger, holding strap, cleaning kit and USB card reader

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