Pratt & Whitney Inspection Kit

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P&W Inspection Kit – Joystick articulation videoscope

PN: PWC37711

Compare to

PWC34910-109 – PVRS-2-4-1300-Articulating Flexible Videoscope




$4,495.00 USD Joystick Articulating (USAVSJ-4-1500)


$6,995.00 USD HD Joystick Articulating (SRV-J-4-1500)

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PWKIT (Choice of 1)

PWKIT which included the USAVSJ-4-1500 or the PWKIT-HD which includes the SRV-J-4-1500

PT6 sample images:

PWKIT - USAVSJ-4-1500 - 1.5m Length

USAVSJ Sample PT6 Picture 1 USAVSJ Sample PT6 Picture 4 USAVSJ Sample PT6 Picture 3

PWKIT-HD - SRV-J-4-1500 - 1.5m Length

Along with the borescopes are included in both kits:

– Carrying Case

– Pratt & Whitney Guide Tube (Choice of 1)

PWC Engine Guidetube Sheet




– Insertion Tube Holder and Rigid Sleeves

Sleeve body gripper

Rigid Insertion Tubes

Coming Soon