CF34 Inspection Kit

CF34 Inspection Kit with USA2000J 4mm Videoscope

Product Description:

Discover the groundbreaking and efficient options of modern visual inspection and use with the USA2000J Videoscope System. The CF34 Inspection kit offers the 4mm USA2000J videoscope system with 4 way articulation, a 1.5m probe and 2 cameras (forward and side). The USA2000J videoscope system is available in different variations, diameters and working lengths.

The system consist of:

USA2000J – Videoprobe

USA2000J Case – Transportation and Storage Case


Working Length : 1.5m

Articulation – 4 Way Articulation

Probe – Tungsten

Recording – 4G-32G SD Card Picture/Video

Zoom – Manual Zoom 3.5X

Video Format – AVI

Image Format – BMP

Dual View Probe – Forward and Side Camera

Heavy Duty Carrying Case

Rigid Sleeve Tube

Power Supply – Li-ion Battery – 12V Adapter

This portable videoscope is perfect for helicopter maintenance borescope for use as a Helicopter borescope as it can be used as a Helicopter Engine Borescope or helicopter airframe borescope.   The same is true for Aviation borescope professionals; the portable borescope can be used as an aircraft engine borescope or simply as an aviation borescope for frame of landing gear inspections.
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