Wohler Re-lining Adapter Kit – 6889

  • Wohler VIS Stabilization Tubes for VIS 340, 350 and 400
  • Used most commonly with Wohler VIS 350 kits
  • 1 x Relining Adapter
  • 3 x Wöhler Service Camera Stabilization Tube
  • 1 x Wöhler Service Camera Centering Brush Ø20 cm

Use the Wohler Relining Adapter Set to change the direction of view of the Wohler VIS 350 camera head. The complete sewer camera accessory comes with stabilization tubes and centering star.  The device is designed to work with the Wohler VIS 350 pan & tilt camera heads to offer an unique clear view.   By positioning the camera in the opposite direction you minimize the amount of debris and other loose natural or synthetic waste that may interfere with you viewing.    The Wohler 6889J relining kit complete with the stabilization tube and centering brush.  Please follow the installation instructions in your manual when attaching this sewer camera inspection accessory.   Please note that with the stabilization tube this system is designed to perform best in straight pipes.  Do not force the system around tight 90 bends or use the system as a deburr tool or means to forcefully remove a clog or obstruction inside your inspection area.

Specifically designed to operate with the following push cameras:
Wohler 6352   Wohler inspection camera with detachable 1.5 inch pan & tilt camera head
Wohler 8927   Wohler inspection camera with detachable camera head and interchangeable 1 inch straight view camera head
Wohler 8931   Wohler inspection camera with detachable camera head and locator system

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