Wohler 8894

Detachable Light Ring 26/40 for 26 and 40 mm Camera Heads.  Light Ring 26/40 Only for detachable camera heads.

The Wohler accessories supports

Wohler 6352 Sewer Camera  Wohler VIS350 with Detachable Camera Head

Wohler 8927 Sewer Camera  Wohler VIS350 Plus with Detector

Wohler 8931 Sewer Camera Wohler VIS350 Plus with Locator

  • Detachable Light Ring 26/40
  • Only for detachable camera heads
  • 53mm outer diameter
  • Light ring with 18 white LEDs
  • Overall length 2.1 inches

The Wohler 8894 is designed for Wohler VIS Camera Systems with Detachable Heads Only; Works with Both 1 in to 1-1/2 in Pan and Tilt Detachable Camera Heads.   The Wohler 8894 is a detachable LED light ring for their 1″ and 1.5″ camera heads. This light ring features 18 White LEDs and will provide more than enough light for any standard duct or pipe inspection application. This sewer camera light kit for the Wohler systems connects directly to the blue push rod and then simply attached the inspection camera head.   Insure that you push the clamp ring into position once the camera is installed correctly.  The device does not require any additional supporting batteries as it will receive power from your Wohler control station.  You can switch the light on and off with the keys on the drain camera control pad.  This supplementary light ring is used for the illumination of a dark, dusty or sooted environment during the inspection with the Wohler inspection camera.   This sewer camera light ring is only waterproof when the camera head and the rod and properly connected.   You should avoid getting the connector ports on both the receiving ends of the light ring wet or contaminated with foreign debris.   The drain camera light ring is waterproof to IP67 when properly connected.   You should not use any adhesives, glues or other thread locking gels on the sewer camera light ring.  You may lightly use silicone lube on the threads.   An operational manual is provided with the packaging of the drain camera light ring.

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