Wohler 8859 Pan & Tilt Sewer Camera Head

The Wohler 8859 detachable 1.5 inch diameter Sewer Camera with pan and tilt features is designed to work with the Wohler VIS 700 systems.  This sewer camera head comes standard with a built in transmitting sonde.  A rugged and affordable Sewer camera in a portable self-contained storage case: With the Wohler VIS 700 sewer camera, professionals such as professional plumbers, sewer camera inspectors, HVAC inspectors and countless other remote visual inspection experts not only have everything they need to complete camera inspections but also the ability to document them with the push of a button. The drain camera offers a very wide viewing angle. With robust housing, pan and tilt camera capabilities the Wohler VIS 700 sewer camera is perfect for pipeline inspection, pipe cleaning, and a variety of other applications.

Wohler 7082   Wohler Sewer Camera with Detachable 1.5 inch camera head  [Wohler VIS 700] Wohler 7498   Sewer Camera with both 1.5 inch detachable inspection camera head and 1 inch  [Wohler VIS 700 Plus]

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