Wohler 7005 Telescope

Tank & Vessel Inspection Camera Device

This telescope camera accessory is designed to work specifically with :
Wohler 4152 Wohler VIS 400 Contractor Kit
Wohler 4153 Wohler VIS400 Reel Kit
Wohler 4781  Wohler Visual Inspection Monitor
Wohler 6352 Sewer Camera  Wohler VIS350 with Detachable Camera Head
Wohler 8927 Sewer Camera  Wohler VIS350 Plus with Detector
Wohler 8931 Sewer Camera Wohler VIS350 Plus with Locator

This telescoping pole offers 1.6 (5.2 feet) meters of working length with a non-conductive segmented pole.  The VIS 350 camera head securely attaches to the end of the 17-inch memory ‘Goose Neck’ probe.

The purpose of the telescope camera is to provide remote viewing and control of the pan & tilt camera head inside tanks, pressure vessels and large diameter pipes where limited access is available.    With the use of the VIS 350 camera, you can utilize the HD camera with pan and tilt features with the added advantage of having a water-resistant inspection device.

In many cases this pole camera for OSHA defined confined spaces will eliminate the need for personnel to enter the hazardous area.  In many manufacturing and industrial applications the need to inspect inside confined spaces is required.  The use of this pole camera reduces the requirements for inspection professionals to enter the confined space whether it’s a tunnel, vessel, vat, tank cistern or silos.

The stick camera is also an invaluable tool for eliminating down time for the complete OSHA required Confined Space process as there is no need to break the plane of the inspection are or perform the required OSHA air quality testing.

The use for this type of Pole Camera can be used in various industries:

Power Generation:

Of course, in this demanding industry productivity and time is of the essence.  Power turbines are located both on shore and off shore and there is a constant need for visual inspection.  With the use of the Wohler 6352 and the supporting pipe camera you can reach the inaccessible parts to inspect corrosion, cracks or other signs of wear.


The 360 pan & tilt camera head of the VIS 350 Sewer Camera can be used to inspect many different nuclear inspections such as the steam generator, heat exchanger, tanks, reactor vessels, process piping as well as the nuclear fuel pool.

Oil and Gas:

In this industry there are many on shore and off-shore processing platforms that require periodic inspections.   The inspection camera with the use of the Wohler 7659 can support various process inspection such as pipelines, pressure vessels, vertical pipes and other confined space required inspection areas.

Chemical Manufacturing and Petrochemical:

In this manufacturing process there are man pipes that support the process and of course large and small tanks.  The pole camera accessory assist in making these difficult inspections much easier and faster.

Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing:

In this industry there are many process pipes that lead into storage tanks for secondary vessels prior to completing the final processing of the product.  The stick camera allows you to open the hatch of the tank and introduce the pan & tilt camera head without breaking the plant of the confined space.

This HD Camera accessory is designed to support the Wohler Inspection camera.   This pipe inspection camera is not intrinsically safe or certified to work in any combustible environments.   Please refer to the user’s manual of your inspection camera before introducing the device into your required inspection area.

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