Wohler 6888 Relining

Use the Wohler Relining Adapter Set to change the direction of view of the Wohler VIS 350 inspection camera system.  The device is designed to work with the Wohler VIS 350 snake camera to offer an unique clear view.   The Wohler 6888J positions the inspection camera in the opposite direction you minimize the amount of debris and other loose natural or synthetic waste that may interfere with you viewing.    The operating features remain the same on the Wohler 8926 fully function with this device and you have full control of the pan & tilt features as well as the adjustable LED lighting.  If you require the complete sewer camera accessory with stabilization tubes and centering star please locate the Wohler 6889J on our website.  The Wohler 688J will also contain the Wohler 21736J stabilization tube.    Please follow the installation instructions in your manual when attaching this sewer camera inspection accessory.  Adhesives or permanent bonding compounds should not be used when attaching this device to your detachable camera head.

Specifically designed to operate with the following push cameras:
Wohler 6352   Wohler professional sewer camera with detachable 1.5 inch pan & tilt camera head
Wohler 8927   Wohler professional sewer camera with detachable camera head and interchangeable 1 inch straight view camera head
Wohler 8931   Wohler professional sewer camera with detachable camera head and locator system


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