Wohler 6814 Sun Shade

Most regular inspection camera screens have a protective sheet of glass over the panel to protect it from damage, but this glass gives off glares and reflections.  As the name implies, a sun shield is a monitor hood that helps protect from, and block out, external ambient light.  Monitor hood, sun shield or screen protector is a useful addition to screens where the environment is less than perfect for viewing you inspection, especially outdoors.   Not only can a monitor hood reduce glare and distraction, but it can even have a significant impact  on the  perceived color accuracy in certain inspection environments. Such a simple accessory can be a game-changer especially during those sunny days.

Can a monitor hood make an impact on your quality of your work and interpretation of the inspection area? See the difference in the annoying glare taking up parts  of your inspection camera screen!  Sunlight is the largest culprit, as the contrast between the brightness of your screen and the sun is quite stark. While it would be easy to assume that this variant of glare can only occur when sunlight is direct, it may also be caused by ambient, or indirect, sources.

If you’ve decided that you’re in need of a monitor hood or sun shade for your Wohler push camera system, then the Wohler 6814 is the right one for you.   This sewer camera accessory is specifically designed to easily attach to the 7 inch TFT color screen of your Wohler drain camera.  (Compare to the Wohler 6014J Glare Protection)

The Wohler 6814 Sun Shade Supports all Wohler Inspection camera systems with the 7 inch screen:
Wohler 6258   Wohler Pipe Inspection Camera with 1 inch camera head
Wohler 6352   Wohler Pipe Inspection Camera with Detachable 1.5 inch camera head  [Wohler VIS350D] Wohler 7354   Visual Pipe Camera with attached 1.5 inch pan & tilt camera head. [Wohler VIS350] Wohler 8927   Visual Pipe Camera with both 1.5 inch detachable inspection camera head and 1 inch  [Wohler VIS 350 Plus] Wohler 8931   Visual Pipe Camera with both 1.5 inch detachable inspection camera head and 1 inch and locator [Wohler VIS 350 Plus] Wohler 8932   Visual Pipe Camera with attached 1 inch camera head and locator

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