Wohler 4705

Wohler 4705 Camera Trolley for VIS Inspection Systems

The Wohler 4705 Camera Trolley for VIS Inspection Systems is designed to guide a Wohler VIS Camera Head in air ducts and channels 6 inches and larger. The trolley body is made out of stainless steel and the wheels are made of polyoxymethylene (POM) for excellent stability and durability. It also features adjustable height and width features.  The complete system weighs roughly 1 ½ pounds (.68 kgs). The sewer camera centering device is designed for guiding the inspection camera head during the inspection.  It can be used in air ducts, pipes, tubes or other circular channels.   The sewer camera accessory is specifically designed for horizontal inspections.   Every Wohler service camera inspection can be used with this accessory.  The stabilization sleeve and the supplementary light ring must me suitable for the camera head.  Please refer to the users manual for the proper supplemental light rings for your specific Wohler service camera.  Please note, if the camera head is not detachable on you Wohler service camera, the camera rod must be fixed to the holder directly behind the camera head. The locking buttons must be  securely fastened before entering the inspection camera system into the inspection area.  Please note that any permanent adhesives or glues should not be used when attaching this device to your service camera.

The height of the centering device can be fixed in 3 different positions depending on the inside diameter of the pipe that you are inspecting. With this feature is possible to set the ideal distance between the camera head and the interior wall of your inspection area. The wheels are designed so that they cannot be completely removed from the centering device.

Detachable camera heads may also be clamped into the camera head holder when the camera head holder has already been fixed to the centering device. Prior to introducing you inspection camera to the desired inspection area with the trolley the locking button must audibly engage at the final position. In the same way the camera head holder can be fixed under the trolley. This way the camera head can be pushed near the pipe wall.  When the camera head holder is centered under the trolley, the inspection camera head is best protected.  In this specific situation the inspection camera head may be behind wheels of the centering device. The inspection camera rod and the inspection camera head can always be rotated in the camera head holder, even if  accessories are affixed to the inspection camera. The design intent is that the push camera rod will not twist. The inspection camera head and the inspection camera rod can always be rotated in the centering device even with the inspection camera accessories attached.

Clean the inspection camera centering device with water and if necessary you can use compressed air to clear any derris that may be logged behind the wheels.

These inspection camera trolleys have been subjected to rigorous quality control checks and every function is tested before leaving the factory. If used properly, the push camera accessory can be used for years of trouble free service. We have built a reputation on excellence in the customer service and we are readily available to answer any questions or concerns you may have on this system or any of our inspection cameras or inspection camera accessories.


This inspection camera accessory is designed to work with:

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Wohler 6352   Wohler Sewer Camera with Detachable 1.5 inch camera head  [Wohler VIS350D] Wohler 7082   Wohler HD Inspection Camera [Wohler VIS 700] Wohler 7354   Push camera with attached 1.5 inch pan & tilt camera head. [Wohler VIS350] Wohler 7498   HD Inspection System with 1.5 inch and 1 inch inspection camera heads [VIS 700 Plus] Wohler 8927   Sewer Camera with both 1.5 inch detachable inspection camera head and 1 inch  [Wohler VIS 350 Plus] Wohler 8931   Sewer Camera with both 1.5 inch detachable inspection camera head and 1 inch and locator [Wohler VIS 350 Plus] Wohler 8932   Sewer Camera with attached 1 inch camera head and locator
Wohler 7082   HD Inspection camera system with 1.5 inch pan & tilt camera with remote focusing
Wohler 7498   HD Push camera with both 1.5 inch pan & tilt camera head and 1 inch straight view

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