Wohler 3681

Wohler 3681 Roller Guide System

For use with:
Wohler VIS 250 Sewer Camera

Wohler VIS 350 Sewer Camera

Wohler VIS 350D Sewer Camera

Wohler VIS 350 PLUS Sewer Camera


This sewer camera centering device is designed to keep your camera head off the bottom of the pipe and in some cases above any debris that you may encounter during your inspection.   A new system may take some effort to open and close but after the device installed and removed on your sewer camera opening and closing will become easier.  To install on your Wohler Service Camera the centering device should be installed over the metal cable connector.  This will help keep your centering device in place as you enter and exit your inspection area.  It is very important that you confirm that the clamp is locked before entering the sewer camera into the pipe.   The last thing you want is for the centering device to not be securely clamped and fall off the push rod.   The non-marking plastic sewer camera centering device will aid in keeping your camera off the bottom of the pipe.  If you encounter a sharp 90 degree bend in the pipe be careful to know thrust the sewer camera back and forth to try and drive it around the corner as this could dislodged the device.   The centering device is also not intended to forcefully remove debris or obstructions from your inspection area either.

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