Wohler 3675

Replacement Plastic Domes (10 Pcs.) for Wohler VIS 350 Pan & Tilt Camera Head Ø40mm and Wohler VIS 700 Pan & Tilt Camera Head Ø40mm

  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Polycarbonate domes
  • For the Wohler 1.5 inch pan & tilt camera head
  • Included components: 10 domes

For use with:
Wohler 6352 Push Camera

Wohler 8927 Push Camera

Wohler 8931 Push Camera


The Wohler 3675 polycarbonate domes are designed to be securely threaded over the pan and tilt camera head of the Wohler VIS 350 Service Camera.  The domes are durable and provide a water proof seal to protect you camera.  When your domes get’s too scratched up or scuffed up to provide a clear image on the screen changing the dome out takes only seconds.    The domes are designed with a standard right handed threat to secure to the base of the camera head.   There is not an O-ring on the dome and it is recommended that you slightly grease the dome threads prior to attaching to the camera.   A small tube of silicone grease is provided with a 10-pack purchase.   Conversely, you should not use any adhesives, glues or permanent thread locking gels to the dome.   This dome is not designed to protect the camera head from high pressure applications and we recommend that you read the user’s manual for all safety precautions related to your inspection camera.

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