Wohler 3634 Guidance Ball

This sewer camera accessory attaches to the push rod of the Wohler sewer cameras to assist with pushing the system around bends in the pipe.   Wohler Stabilization ball to stabilize the flexible joint of the camera head.  If desired you can utilize second sewer camera roller guide behind the cable connector.  The Wohler 3634 attaches easily and quickly.  The system simples attaches with a simple matching piston clip.  You remove the  Wohler 3634 by pressing the release button to open the two sides.  The small sewer camera centering device helps with navigate bends in pipes by reducing the friction when being pushed.    Do not use any permanent adhesives or glues when attaching this centering device to your push rod.

This sewer camera accessory is designed to support:
Wohler VIS 250 Sewer Camera
Wohler VIS 250L Sewer Camera System with Locator
Wohler VIS 350 Sewer Camera
Wohler VIS 350D Sewer Camera
Wohler VIS 350 Plus Sewer Camera
Wohler VIS 350 PLUS Sewer Camera
Wohler VIS 350 PLUS L Sewer Camera with Locator

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