Portable Light Source


Portable Light Source

Starting at only $249 each for ACMI

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Our 4W LED Light Source implements High-End 4W CREE Q4 LED element, features unique and convenient waterproof design, high intensity illumination, and highly competitive price. It is lightweight, reliable and highly durable, offering a low power 4W LED element, with a specially designed super magnifying lens.

Such unique LED Light Source solution brings sufficient illumination, on average of 120,000 – 150,000 LuX with continuous runtime on rechargeable

Li-Ion battery for whole 3 hours. Light temperature is 5600K. Since the Light Source uses LED element (100,000 hours of lamp life) there is no need in expensive bulb replacement and virtually it is maintenance free if handled properly.

This outstanding non-competition LED light source is available both with ACMI and STORZ thread adaptors. As needed, any of the LED Light Source variations can be complemented by interchangeable ACMI or STORZ adaptors that eliminates purchase of additional LED light Source. This allows you to use such units with a wide variety of medical, veterinary, and industrial endoscopes, borescopes and fiberscopes in a quick and simple cable/wire free inspections.