HDMI Camera Adapter for Micro Fiberscopes

HDMI Camera Adapter for C-Mount Micro Fiberscopes.

This HDMI Camera Adapter enables you to do an inspection with a Micro Fiberscope without needing to use a computer and computer software. This HDMI Camera Adapter connects directly to a monitor and saves recordings on a TF card.
Alternately, the USB connection allows you to transfer the saved images to the computer without the need for an TF card reader. The C-mount adapter has a cover to protect the camera lens from dust and damage. The HDMI Adapter requires a power outlet as it doesn’t hold power.
The included remote allows for steady image recording without shaking the HDMI Camera Adapter.

Requires LED light source for better image quality as seen in the sample pictures.

Resolution: 1080p

28MP Camera

60 Frames per second

Electronic Zoom Function (1x to 10x Magnification)

Color Image Balancing

Automatic Exposure Compensation

HDMI output: 1920*1080 60 frames

USB output: 1920*1080/30 | 1280*720/30 | 640*480/30 | 320*240/30 (MJPG)

TF Card support up to 64gb (not included)

Case is made out of Metal

Remote Control


Includes HDMI Camera, Power Supply, C-Mount and Remote Control

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