PWC72835 Pratt & Whitney Borescope Guide Tube

Pratt & Whitney Borescope Guide Tube

PN:  PWC72835

The PWC72835 Pratt & Whitney Borescope Guide Tube is a precision designed and manufactured metal guide tube to support the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-140 and PT6 140-AG engines. The borescope guide tube allows for the corkscrew maneuvering necessary to negotiate the flexible borescope probe of a 4mm articulating borescope to the precise location to perform the borescope turbine inspection.

The PT6A engine family by Pratt & Whitney is the world’s most popular engine in its class. Pratt & Whitney is a world leader in the gas turbine engine market that supports Business Jet engines and Agriculture aviation engines.

The PT6A-140 series is the latest addition to the PT6A family. The PT6A-140 entered into service in 2012 on the Cessna Grand Caravan EX. The Cessna aircraft is known for its reliable and productive performance by regional airlines, charter operators and cargo carriers around the globe.

Just behind this P&W aviation engine is the PT6A-140AG. The fact that the PT6A-140AG turboprop engine was chosen to power Air Tractor’s AT502XP aircraft is just one of many Pratt & Whitney agricultural aviation successes supporting the Ag aviation industry. These engines have once again raised the bar for general aviation aircrafts. A unique feature is the ability to perform simple routine engine inspections while on wing. This includes Pratt & Whitney engine borescope inspection.



Equivalent Shaft


Shaft Horsepower


PT6A-140A945 eshp

900 shp

ASIC ULtimate Grand Caravan(upgrade)

Blackhawk Aerospace XP140 (Caravan upgrade)

Evolution Aircraft EVOT-850 (formerly Lancair)

PT6A-140AG911 eshp867 shpAir Tractor 502XP

Thrush Model 510P

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