PWC62195 Pratt & Whitney Borescope Guide Tube

PN: PWC62195

Compressor Rotor PW308 Engine

The PWC62195 is designed for the PW308 Engine. The guidetube help direct a 4mm borescope to the compressor rotor.

The compressor rotor refers to a component within the engine’s compressor section. The compressor is responsible for compressing incoming air to high pressure before it enters the combustion chamber.

The compressor rotor consists of a series of rotating blades mounted on a shaft. These blades, also known as compressor rotor blades or compressor stages, are aerodynamically designed to efficiently capture and accelerate the incoming air. As the rotor spins, it imparts energy to the air, increasing its pressure and velocity.

The compressor rotor is typically located at the front of the engine, immediately after the engine’s inlet. It is driven by the engine’s turbine section, which is connected to the same shaft. The turbine extracts energy from the combustion gases to power the compressor rotor, creating a continuous flow of compressed air.

The number of compressor rotor stages can vary depending on the specific engine model. Each rotor stage typically consists of alternating rows of rotor blades and stationary stator vanes. The stator vanes help guide the airflow and optimize the compression process as the air passes from one rotor stage to the next.

The efficient operation of the compressor rotor is crucial for maintaining proper airflow and pressure throughout the engine. It plays a vital role in achieving high engine performance, fuel efficiency, and overall engine reliability.

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