PWC42200 Pratt & Whitney Borescope Guide Tube

Pratt & Whitney Guide Tube

PN: PWC42200

The compressor turbine disk is typically made of a high-strength material such as titanium or a nickel-based alloy, and is attached to the engine’s main shaft or rotor assembly. Its main function is to extract energy from the hot gases produced by the combustion process in the engine’s combustor.

As the hot gases are expelled through the turbine section, they pass over the turbine blades, causing the compressor turbine disk to rotate. This rotation generates mechanical energy that is used to drive the engine’s compressor, which compresses incoming air before it enters the combustor. This compressed air is mixed with fuel and ignited in the combustor to produce the hot gases that power the turbine section.

The compressor turbine disk is designed to withstand high temperatures and stresses, and is a critical component for the efficient operation of a gas turbine engine.

The PWC42200 is a guidetube designed to inspect the compressor turbine disk of these Prat and Whitney engines:

  • PW206A
  • PW206B
  • PW206B2
  • PW206C
  • PW206E
  • PW207C
  • PW207E
  • PW207K
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