PWC34910-804 Pratt & Whitney Borescope Guide Tube

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Pratt & Whitney Guide Tube

PN: PWC34910—804

Alternative Part Number: 1064941

Alternative Part Number: PWC38352

Replaces obsolete PN: PWC56502

Designed for Pratt & Whitney engine inspections for models PW124B, PW127, PW127E, PW127F, PW127M and PW127N

You should never use force when introducing the borescope guide tube into the aviation engine.  The PWC34910-804 borescope guide tube is used to inspect the high-pressure turbine vanes (HPT Vanes) and small exit duct.    To satisfactorily complete this engine inspection, you must use a borescope that offers at least 2-way articulation.   Most aviation maintenance professionals prefer a borescope with 4-way articulation or a joystick articulating system.

This is a rigid borescope guide tube that requires a borescope diameter of 5mm or less.  Most common for this airplane engine borescope inspection is a 4mm diameter borescope.

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