PWC34910-802 Pratt & Whitney Flexible Borescope Guide Tube

Pratt & Whitney Flexible Borescope Guide Tube


Alternate PN:

PWC37764 Rev C Borescope Guide Tube

PWC37764 Rev C1 Borescope Guide Tube

PWC62363 Rev A Borescope Guide Tube

Do not use force when entering the borescope guide tube into the inspection area.

The PWC34910-802   is used for the Inspection of High-Pressure Turbine Vanes (HPT Vanes) and Small Exit Duct (SED). With this inspection tool it allows the borescope to examine the HPT vane trailing edges, the HP turbine blades and the HPT shrouds for damage. For specific turbine engine borescope instructions please refer to the Pratt & Whitney Canada Engine Maintenance Manual.

With the business closure of Machida Borescope the articulating borescope guide tube with 2-way articulation has been all but impossible to locate with the exception of used systems. Most of the NEW design PWC34910-802 borescope guide tubes offer a preformed semi rigid tube that is instated with a plunger. The plunger will straighten the tube as you enter the T6 port.   When you remove the plunger the guide tube will retract back to the 90-degree preformed angle.

If you do have a PWC34910-802 that was supplied by Machida Borescopes and you need the articulation repaired, we can assist with that as well.

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