PWC34910-200 Pratt & Whitney Borescope Guide Tube


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Pratt & Whitney Borescope Guide Tube

PN:  PWC34910-200

PWC34962 Borescope Guide Tube

PWC34968-1 Borescope Guide Tube

Borescope Guide Tube for Pratt & Whitney Engines

  • PT6A-10
  • PT6A-11
  • PT6A-11AG
  • PT6A-15AG
  • PT6A-20
  • PT6A-21
  • PT6A-28
  • PT6A-34
  • PT6A-36
  • PT6-112
  • PT6-114
  • PT6A-121
  • PT6A- 135A
  • PT6B-35F
  • PT6B-36 
  • PT6T-3
  • PT6T-6

Whenever undertaking fuel nozzle maintenance, make sure to perform a borescope inspection at the same time. To do this, you will need a borescope, including a borescope guide tube for accessing hard-to-reach areas of the engine. Using an articulating borescope is much easier than the old-fashioned method, which involves opening up the engine.

To prevent videoscope or borescope damage, often times a cool down period is required after the shut down of engines, boilers and furnaces in order to reduce the internal temperature below 170 degrees F (76.7C).

A borescope allows for assessment of hot section components for wear or damage that may not be evident from a regular ground power check or flight data collection. For instance, on a single power turbine engine, inserting a borescope through the exhaust duct port and power turbine stage may reveal trailing edge cracks on compressor turbine blades.  Portable Videoscopes have made this borescope inspection procedure much easier to facilitate.

USA Borescopes offers a number of borescopes and borescope inspection kits. Pratt & Whitney. PT6A owners can check their engine’s maintenance manual for the recommended borescope guide tube part number.

Unfortunately, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ Pratt & Whitney Engine borescope guide tube.  Although one borescope guide tube can be used on several different P&W Engines.  For example, the PWC34910-200 Borescope Guide Tube can be used on PT6-10, PT6-20 and PT6-21 engines.

Most of the Pratt & Whitney guide tubes are rigid and constructed of metal.  However, there are some flexible and articulating borescope guide tubes available as well.

PWC No. 34910-200 (for engines PT6A-10 to PT6A-36 and -110 to -135A)

PWC No. 34910-400 (for engines PT6A-38 to PT6A-50)

PWC No. 34910-600 (for engines PT6A-60 to PT6A-67)

PWC72835 (for engines PT6A-140A)