856A1310G01 – GE Borescope Guide tube

PN:   856A1310G01

Special aircraft and GE engine tool and support equipment; CFM567B24 turbofan engine which is in the CFM56 Family.

The complete kit will include the

  1. GE guide tube 856A1310P02
  2. Straightening tool 856A1310P03

What does CFM stand for?  CFM is not an acronym, so it doesn’t stand for anything. The company (CFM), and product line (CFM56), got their names by a combination of the two parent companies’ commercial engine designations: GE’s CF6 and Snecma’s M56.

The CFM567B24 turbofan engine it is one of the most common turbofan aircraft engines in the world.  Wikipedia states, The CFM56 is a high-bypass turbofan engine (most of the air accelerated by the fan bypasses the core of the engine and is exhausted out of the fan case) with several variants having bypass ratios ranging from 5:1 to 6:1, generating 18,500 to 34,000 lbf (80 kN to 150 kN) of thrust. The variants share a common design, but the details differ. The CFM56 is a two-shaft (or two-spool) engine, meaning that there are two rotating shafts, one high-pressure and one low-pressure. Each is powered by its own turbine section (the high-pressure and low-pressure turbines, respectively). The fan and booster (low-pressure compressor) evolved over the different iterations of the engine, as did the compressor, combustor and turbine section.

The CFM Engine Family supports:

Airbus A318

Airbus A319

Airbus A320

Airbus A321

Boeing 737

Boeing AEW&C

Boeing P-8 Poseidon


Within the CFM56 Engine family we find:

CFM56-7B Aviation ENGINE

CFM56-5B aviation ENGINE

It is said that the CFM56 has set the standard for single-aisle commercial jet engines. With more than 32,500 engines delivered, the CFM56 is the best-selling product line in commercial aviation history. It powers the single-aisle jetliners from the world’s leading plane makers, Airbus and Boeing

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