UVU™ Ultra Violet Video Inspection System

ITI UVU Ultraviolet Video Inspection System especially for inspecting internal surfaces of aircraft landing gear.

Designed to eliminate the need for mirrors or bulky UV lamps, the "UVU" system increases reliability and decreases inspection time. It is ideal for viewing inside many types of landing gear from smaller nose wheels to jumbo main landing gear, and accommodates both Visual and Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspections. It can also be used for applications including Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection and Fluorescent Leak Detection.


  • High Resolution Digital Video Display
  • HD Digital Camera connects directly to a computer
  • Turnkey Camera Software included
  • Extendable to 7.6 - Available Extendables optional
  • UV and White Light LED’s for illumination
  • Centering Collars for various inside diameters
  • Measurement Software optional



Outside Diameter Working Lengths: 1.125” (28.6mm)

Overall Lengths: 44” (3.7ft) (1.1m); with extension is 91” (7.6ft) (2.3m)

Cable Length: 132” (11ft) (3.4m)

LED Thermal Man.: forced convection

Materials: aluminum, glass and stainless steel; epoxy and silicone

Working Length Straightness: commercial extrusion

Working Length deflection (full length cantilever): .07” (1.8mm); .94” (24mm)

Weight: 5.5lbs (2.5kg) working length with extension

Kit Weight: 35lbs (15.9kg)

Kit Size: 50.5”x13.5”x5.3”(129mm x 34mm x 13.3mm)


Line of Sight: 90° (right angle)

Field of View: 100°

Depth of Field: .50” to Infinity (12.7mm to Infinity) Resolution

White Light LED: 250 lumens/ft2 @ 3” (75mm)

Ultra Violet LED: 365nm wavelength, 1500 microW/cm2 @ 3” (75mm)


Cable: 1/3 inch color CCD, USB output, 768 x 494, 470TVL

Camera Power: Via computer USB

USB: Cable included

Illumination (UV and White Light: Universal AC/DC adapter (12V, 1.7A)

Computer & Software:

Computer (Option): required to operate system

Computer Minimum Requirements: PC System with 2.0 GHz. 256 MB RAM; Windows 2000 SP4/ Windows XP SP2 (not Windows 8 compatible); Direct X 9.0; USB 2.0 interface

Software: Viewing, recording and capturing software included; Scalar measurement software (option)


Temperatures: working 32° to 114°F (0° to 45°C); storage 0° to 150°F (-18° to 65°C)

Ingress Protection: 64 IP rating

Chemical Compatibility: MAGNAGLO 14 AM or similar

Kit Includes:



Operation manual

Working length

Extension, length

Power/Illumination control box

USB cable

AC/DC power adapter

Viewing software to capture stills and record video

NOTE: computer required to operate is not included.

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