UV Borescope Kit 4mm or 6mm Diameter with Articulation

Kit Price $10,995.00

Kit Includes:

-4.0mm x 1000mm Flexible fiberscope – 2 way articulation

(also available with 6mm diameter)

-UV Lightsource: High Intensity UV-Lightsource / Switching from UVA (320-400nm) to white / With intensity regulation / 110-240V(±10%), 50-60Hz / Lightguide socket: Olympus




UV Light Source Features

  • Ultra Compact - Small Footprint Takes Very Little Space
  • Energy Efficient - Increased Light Intensity Coupled Into Small Fibers at Lower Wattage Operation
  • Electronic Dimming - High Dynamic Range for Intensity Control
  • Lightweight - Less Than 1lb (0.45kg) for Exceptional Portability
  • External Power Supply - Utility for Both AC and DC Operation
  • Long Life - Less Maintenance and No Lamp Replacement Costs
  • Low Noise - Both Electrical EMI and Audible Sound
  • UV Output/Low VIS - Enhanced FPI Contrast Images


UV Light Source Specifications

50 Watts

Photometric Values

  • Color Temp: 6500
  • Lumen Output: 650

Radiant Power:

  • Output: 1.85 Watts
  • Irradiance: 14.75 W/cm^2

Average Rated Life: 10,000 h

* Life based on LED manufacturer rated wattage and thermal operation.

*Photometric nominal specifications are measured through 4mm quartz rod at 35W.

*Radiant power nominal specifications are measured through 4mm quartz rod at 50W.

*Intended for fiber-optic cables ranging from 3mm to 6mm active area diameters. Outputs will vary.


ULB-35i has been tested and certified to comply with the following industrial EMC and safety specifications:

•UL/EN/CSA 61010   •IEC 61347   •IEC 62471   •CE


Midori ULB-35 RVI & NDT Info Sheet

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