Borescope Repair Service

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Borescope Repair Service

We will quickly and efficiently evaluate your borescope at no charge, perform the required borescope repairs, and return your repaired borescope, all at a price that is within your borescope repair budget.

Broken scope? We can fix it! We are a Borescope, Pipe Camera, Endoscope, Sewer Camera and Videoscope Repair service. With state-of-the-art materials and trained borescope repair Technicians. We can perform your borescope repair to the component level.

USA Boresocpes services all of its equipment and other famous brands. Please contact one of our borescope professionals at 931-362-3304 to obtain shipping instructions prior to shipment of your damaged borescope. We will then provide you with a no cost or obligation repair evaluation of your damaged borescope. Our skilled technicians are also capable of repairing scopes built by other manufacturers, often for less money and with faster turnaround times. Please contact one of our trained Borescope Specialist to discuss borescope repair options for any of your borescope products.

Our fiberscope repair services can range from a simple borescope repair that includes: articulation adjustment, repair covering of the insertion tube, repair the bending section covering (stainless steel or tungsten) or cleaning the borescope eyepiece. The intermediate borescope repairs include: replacing the insertion tube and the borescope articulation cables (2 or 4 way), replace or repair the cable guides and bending section, rebuild the eyepiece and repair the light guide. Major fiberscope repair (complete rebuild) usually includes replacing the light guide and or the image bundle (quality of pixels range), replace or repair the objective lens system, replace or repair the borescope handle and the distal focusing mechanism. If you require a new storage case for your repaired borescope we typically have new and pre-owned cases available.

Pipe inspection camera repair or Sewer camera repair typically consist of re-terminating the camera head at the break or compromised section of the push rod. In most cases you will lose some working length but the cost saving compared to purchasing a NEW sewer camera or pipe inspection camera is considerable.

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