Spearpoint P350 Flexitrax Crawler System

Spearpoint P350 Flexitrax Crawler System

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Product Description:

Pearpoint’s P350 flexitrax combines a portable and modular crawler system with big-pipe inspection capabilities.

Powered elevator enables inspection of pipes up to 36”/900mm in diameter. Joystick camera and crawler controls provide intuitive operation, with common controls placed at hand. Directly connect a P340 pushrod reel to the P350 drum, and switch from one camera image to the other with a simple key press.


The P350 is a truly modular system, designed to meet the tough requirements of inspection environments.

Tailor the system to meet your requirements. Choose between a cost-effective manual cable drum or an advanced powered drum, each with up to 1000’/305m of cable.

Choose from three interchangeable cameras and two powerful crawlers that are designed to withstand the most challenging sub-surface conditions.

A wide choice of wheels, elevators and tires optimize the downhole equipment to suit the pipe network being surveyed.

Compatibility with the P340 flexiprobe® pushrod enables operators to work in pipes as small as 11/4”/32mm in diameter, while the system elevators and lighthead enable compliant surveys in pipes up to 36”/900mm in diameter, and plenty of lighting to go larger.


Environmental: IP53 to IP55 (Surface Equipment); IP68 to 330’ (100M) /11 bar (Downhole Equipment, unless otherwise noted)

Temperature: (Storage): -4 to 176°F (-20 to 80°C) | (Operating): 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C)

Power supply: 110-230V ±10%, 50-60Hz ±6%, 1.2kVA. | Full sine-wave inverter recommended for vehicular use | Generator (if used) to have inverter-type output

Controllers: P350 command module | P350+ command module with integrated battery for pushrod; Optional pendant controller for deployment phase; Optionally connect a gamepad controller for vehicle use

Data Connectivity: USB cable to PC, USB memory stick, Compact Flash card, Bluetooth®

Drums: Manual drum or powered drum, with cable length options from 500’ to 1000’ / 150m to 305m

Crawlers: P354 crawler for centered inspection in pipes from 4” to 12”/100mm to 305mm | P356 crawler for centered inspection in pipes from 6” to 36”/150mm to 900mm

Wheels: Small & medium solid rubber and large pneumatic for conventional/silted pipes | Rasp wheels for smooth/relined pipes

Elevators: Small fixed, small variable, large adjustable and powered

Lighthead: Auxiliary 8-LED lighthead, ≥ 850Lumen

Cameras: Forward View with 120 Lumen lights | Pan/tilt with 210 Lumen lights | Pan, Tilt and 10 × optical Zoom with 420 Lumen lights

Approvals: CE, FCC | Standards: EN 61010-1:2010, IEC61010-1:2010


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