Jetcam Jetter Sewer Scoping Camera

Jetcam Jetter Sewer Scoping & Jetting Camera

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Integrated Jetcam Camera

Jetcam is built with 1.3" diameter self-leveling camera head for unsurpassed inspection quality. Inspects 6" to 12" with larger skids for larger pipes up to 18”. Jetcam can also integrate with sewer cleaning municipal equipment or cleaning trucks that are mostly used in the field. Full complete system comes with the manual reel, opticam command module, camera head, and 6” and 8” metal centering skids. .

Manual Reel Drum

Built with the manual reel, you have full control on rewind and less repairs in the long run. A very simple sewer camera to set-up and operate. With the large pneumatic wheels, you can easily transport the system to and from jobsites. The perfect sewer scoping camera to add to your sewer cleaning fleet. New feature:View, record and playback on your Apple or Android mobile devices.


  • On-Screen distance counter provides easier data collection
  • Record voice over video while doing your inspections
  • Free Wifi app for wireless video streams to Andriod and Apple devices
  • Record and display text onscreen offers complete recording of job details
  • Record voice over video while doing your inspections
  • Record to USB stick to easily save, record and playback
  • Work faster and easier with one-touch remote recording capabilities
  • Take snapshots and save onto your USB
  • 1.3" Modular Camera will inspect more with one camera


  • Screen: 10.4" - See more root intrusion with larger and brighter screen
  • Counter: Distance - Display footage distant on screen so no more guess work
  • Module: ABS Case - Tough and reliable case for longer usage and less repairs
  • Screen: Detachable - Features allow for easily handling and traveling with
  • Text-Writer: Membrane - Clean, wipe and type with ease at anytime and anywhere
  • Reel: Manual - Built to save money with less electronic repairs
  • Video: H.264 - Videos are compressed to H.264 formating, saving data space
  • Camera: 1.3" OD  - Stainless steel housing and protective gorilla glass
  • Resolution: 480 x 720 - High contrast and brightness for best picture quality
  • Mobile App: IOS and Android - Record, snapshots and playback on your mobile devices
  • Pipe Size: 6" to 12" - Inspect most common residential and commercial pipelines
  • Cable: Mini Coax - Optimized for further pushes with more turns and bends
  • Sonde: 512 Hz - Enables location of sonde for precise area determination
  • Power: 12DC or 120AC - Use your power generator or inverter of 800watt to powerup

Jetcam Jetter Technical Data Sheet

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