iRis Mainline Sewer Camera – Low Cost (Made in USA)

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This integrated system is the perfect choice for a truly ‘COMPACT’ mainline crawler system. The IRIS inspects 6" up to 12" (Up to 18” w/ larger wheel set) lines with an ‘Ultra-Portable’ and ‘Heavy-Duty’ design which comes standard with 600 feet of advanced tether cable, Pan & Tilt Camera, and a 10” LCD Touch screen. The system includes a six wheel drive transporter with manual lift up for the pan & tilt camera head. This system utilizes four powerful LED lights to illuminate a large area; camera and transporter are controlled via a hand held pendant. Video will display on the unit as well as an external monitor via HDMI, or a WIFI enabled Windows Tablet that will allow easy file management and post software reporting. Easy “One-Touch “recording is done right on the touch screen, effortless recording and file management is the key
Platform - The controls are windows based which allows more flexibility and video handling and reporting.
Windows 7 Base PC Platform
Wireless Network Enabled
500GIG Hybrid Drive/SSD
Display – The base frame has a 10” touch screen for viewing and recording.
10” LCD internal touch screen / remote accessible WIFI
External HDMI
Camera Head - Pan & Tilt uses high intensity variable LED lighting and a lux sensitive camera head.
Variable LED lights
Pan & Rotate
Interfaces with analog (NTSC) cameras
Recorder - All formats USB/SD/DVD/CD and MP4 for maximum compression for data sharing.
Multi Format playback ability independent of Data Gathering Program
Multi Format video recording of live video stream
Streaming Broadcast video to Windows Tablet and Smart Phone
Record and playback to/from DVD, SD or USB
Transporter - Six wheeled driven crawler and various wheel size packages.
Power Tractor with speed and direction pendant control
High grip rubber wheels for demanding conditions and terrain
Automatic freewheel clutch for simple usage, 6 Wheel drive with internal freewheel drive
Non-steering standard (steering future option)
Manual lift comes standard
Reel Footage - Reel distant counter and rewind (Standard 600’ per system).
Wheel Type tangential measuring wheel system, 100 pulses per foot
Traverse feed system to level wind cable, linked to drum movement
Variable speed 110 volt electric cables retrieve



Motor rewind capability.
Level wind with attached counter.
Telescopic handle and large wheels for easy portability.
Integrated tractor power supply.
Stainless Steel, water-blocked tractor connector.
An Electro-mechanical counter shall be provided and includes the following features:
Accurate footage readout to + or – 1%.
On-screen readout.
Direct mounting level wind.
Bi-directional reading to + or – 999.9.
The motorized drum shall have the function of being fully automatic when in the rewind mode. This feature allows the cable to be rewound at the same speed as the crawler to avoid running over the cable.

Dimensions- 19”L x 3.5”H x 5”
Pipe Diameter – 6” in diameter up to 12” diameter. (Up to 18” with additional wheel set)
Weight of Crawler – 35 lbs.
Camera Pan & Tilt Rotation - +/- 90 degrees, rotate continuous 360 degrees fixed focus
Cable Reel
Dimensions – 29”H x 20”W x 21”D
Weight – 130 lbs.
Cable Length – 600 ft.
Environmental – water resistant not water proof
Voltage Requirements – 110 v
Control Panel
Operating System – Windows 7 x 64 Professional
Screen – 10” color High Resolution LCD touch screen w/On Screen Text
Interfaces – Wireless Remote Access Wi-Fi, External HDMI
Internal Storage – 500 Gig SSD External Storage – USB, DVD, SD
File Format – MP4 / JPEG Snapshot

Operating Temperature –  -10°F - 120°F (-23.33°C - 43.33°C)

iRis Mainline Sewer Camera Spec Sheet/Brochure


All items furnished in accordance with these specifications
shall be covered by the manufacturers and/or suppliers
standard warranty or guarantee on new equipment. The
minimum warranty period of the new video inspection
equipment will be one (1) year for all parts and labor
on manufacturers defects.




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