P571 Flexiprobe Inspection Systems with 455 Camera

P571 150m EX Pushrod

Flexicoiler, Rod, Counter, CCC.


Pearpoint P400 series “Labeled & Listed”  Pipeline Inspection System Certified by Factory Mutual for use in Class I, Division 1, Gas Groups C & D, Temperature Rating T3 Hazardous Environments.

Welded steel & aluminum Flexicoiler w/500’ of semirigid push rod with built in 8.192 kHz sonde transmitter, integral counter w/on screen count display, built in LCD monitor w/ QWERTY keyboard and text-writer.


Pearpoint's flexicoilerTM and modular pushrod systems are fully integrated, stand-alone units ideal for applications such as sewer lines, water pipes, pest control, chimneys, search and rescue, drains, conduits, wells and industrial inspections.


  • Explosion Proof
  • Systems are approved, labelled and listed by nationally recognised NRTL for use in Class 1, Div 1, Gas Groups C & D, T3 Environments
  • Available with P415 auto-upright straight view camera or P455 Twin view camera
  • Coiler running 500 feet (150m) of rod
  • Built-in high resolution footage counter
  • Built in Sonde (8.125kHz)
  • Waterproof to 11 Bar (150 PSI)
  • Video in and Video out VCR connectors for recording and playback of surveys
  • Built in QWERTY keyboard

455 Camera Head

455 Camera

TwinView Flexiprob Color Digital Camera – Auto- Uprighting – Tilts & Pans


The digital color camera has forward view with automatic upright picture and remote control for side rotate view. NTSC Standard CCD Camera assembly is contained in a stainless steel housing; waterproof to 160 psi; 1 lux sensitivity with protective camera case. Includes 4” and 6” brush skids. Designed for 3” – 8” pipe inspection; negotiates 90 degree bends in 4” diameter pipes.

ATEX Borescope


10/HC4552001-1 BRUSH SET 4 INCH

10/HC4552101-1 BRUSH SET 6 INCH (2 HALVES)

(as seen on the camera)


10/7KDL+ RD7000 DL+ Utility Pipe Camera Sonde Locator

for location of camera/rod, multi-frequency


Call For Configuration Options

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